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  1. What is a Chiasm? Chiastic Structure in the Bible?
  2. Will AI and Transhumanism be the Second “FALL” of Mankind?  
  3. How Can We be Certain the New Testament is True and Accurate?
  4. What’s Wrong with This FB Lenten Fast?
  5. What is Lent? Should I Give Up Something?..
  6. What are “The Five Love Languages” of God?
  7. How Should I Understand Salvation? In Simple Terms
  8. How Can I Find a Good Church?
  9. What is Apologetics? Why Should You Care?
  10. Is Jesus’ Resurrection More Important than His Death?
  11. How Do I Change My Life? Two New Year’s Resolutions that will work!
  12. Did The Wise Men (Magi) Arrive 12 Days After Jesus’ Birth? Or Was It Much Later?
  13. What is the Significance of the Wise Men’s Gifts? And, Were These Men Kings (or Magi)?
  14. How Did the Wise Men (Magi) Know This Was the Messiah? How Did They Know to Follow His Star?
  15. Who Were the Three Wise Men (Magi / Kings) ? Why Did Herod Fear Them?
  16. What is Advent?
  17. Is Your Thanksgiving Glass ½ Empty or ½ Full?
  18. Does God bring evil into our lives? Or does He just allow it?
  19. Is Not Voting a Sin?  And, how is voting like praying?  
  20. What Did President Reagan Say About Racism, Marxism, and God?
  21. Trick? Or Treat? Which Will You Choose?
  22. What are the Mysteries in the Bible?
  23. What Signs Indicate the End is Near?
  24. What is the Mazzaroth?
  25. What is Identity in Christ? 101 Truths About Who You Are in Christ
  26. Where did OT saints go at death? Abraham’s Bosom? Where was it?
  27. Why Was a 9/11 Memorial Video Age-Restricted?
  28. Will The Rapture Happen Soon?  Many Predict Fall 2022
  29. Why Should We Study the Tabernacle?
  30. What Does the Bible Say About Heaven?
  31. Who Am I? The Identity Bell
  32. What is the Meaning of Jesus’ Parable of the Ungrateful Servant? (Matthew 18:23-35)
  33. What is Seventy Times Seven Forgiveness?
  34. Who Were the Daughters of Zelophehad?
  35. What is the Righteousness of Christ That We Receive?
  36. Will “All Israel Be Saved?”
  37. What Does the Fullness of the Gentiles Mean? (Romans 11:25)
  38. What is Putting Off and Putting On?
  39. Might the United States be in Prophecy?  Great Britain and Russia? (Daniel 7)
  40. What About the Beasts of Daniel 7? — A Different Perspective
  41. What is the Metal Man Statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream in Daniel 2?
  42. Who was Dr. Nathanson? Why is He Important? 
  43. Why is Friday the 13th Considered Unlucky?
  44. Can You Name the Children of Biblical Mothers?
  45. Reasons to Believe the Resurrection?
  46. The Cross from the Father’s, Son’s, and Believer’s Perspectives
  47. The Last Supper was NOT a Passover Seder?
  48. Thursday Crucifixion? Do These Two Reasons “Nail it?”
  49. Was Jesus Crucified on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday?
  50. What are the World’s Beatitudes?
  51. How Can I Understand the Trinity?
  52. What is Fidelity?
  53. Who Was Horatio Spafford? What’s the Story Behind “It Is Well With My Soul”
  54. Do You Wish to See Jesus?
  55. Who Was Fanny Crosby? What’s the Story Behind “Blessed Assurance”
  56. How Should You Observe Lent?
  57. How to Overcome Fear?
  58. What is Biblical Love?
  59. What’s Love Got To Do With It?
  60. Christian and Islamic Eschatology
  61. What is the Blood Curse of Jeconiah?
  62. Why “HIS faith” in Habakkuk 2:4, but just “faith” in the New Testament?
  63. What are the Four Views of the End Times? A Pre, Post, and Amillennial Chart
  64. What’s the Story Behind “The Gift of the Magi” by O’Henry?
  65. What DID Mary Know?
  66. What Can We Learn About Thanksgiving from Charlie Brown?
  67. How Do We Encourage Ourselves in the Lord? 
  68. Is Common Sense Dead? A Must Read for All People!
  69. Significance of Nov. 2nd in Church History? (Balfour Declaration)
  70. What are the Three Reformation Hymns of Martin Luther?
  71. Is it Okay for a Christian to Judge? Jesus said, “Judge Not.” (Matthew 7)
  72. Are We Called to be Watchmen?
  73. What is the Pride of the Iron and the Power of the Flame? Parable of the Axe, Saw and Hammer
  74. How Can We Be Certain We Have Eternal Life? The “Road Map of Eternal Security”
  75. Does Intelligent Design Prove God?
  76. Can Satan Put Thoughts in Our Minds?
  77. Can God Make a Rock So Big That He Can’t Move It?
  78. If we do as 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, will God heal America? An “if/then” Proposition?
  79. What is the Spirit of Man?
  80. Are We All Children of God? Or Just Christians?
  81. What Names and Titles for Jesus are Found in the New Testament?
  82. Is “The Hound of Heaven” a Name for God?
  83. How Many Times Did God Send Fire from Heaven?
  84. Will All People Be Saved?
  85. How Does the Life of Joseph Foreshadow Jesus? by A.W. Pink
  86. How Are the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven Different?
  87. How Can We Teach Our Children to Pray?
  88. Need Inspiration & Encouragement Today? Quotable Quotes to Ponder
  89. Why Circumcision as the Sign of the Abrahamic Covenant?
  90. Is Man Obsolete? Is Logic an Enemy and Truth a Menace? from the Twilight Zone
  91. Is Ehyeh, Yahweh, Jehovah, or Jesus God’s Name?
  92. What is the Kingdom of God and Kingdom of Heaven? A Simple Chart
  93. How Did the Gospel Writers Remember All the Words Jesus Spoke?  
  94. What Is Shavuot / Pentecost? Does It Prophesy of the Rapture?
  95. What is a Worldview? Does It Define Our Thinking?
  96. Why Did God Create Man Knowing Man Would Sin?
  97. What Do We Know About The Chief Shepherd? (Psalm 24)
  98. What are the Names of God Hidden in Psalm 23?
  99. Are You Coram Deo?
  100. Why Do We Call It Good Friday?
  101. How Do We Know Psalm 22 Is About The Cross?
  102. Easter Finger Puzzle to Teach Children About Jesus
  103. Q & A: Thursday Crucifixion Discussion
  104. How was Jesus Like a Worm? What’s the Crimson (or Scarlet) Worm? A Remez In Psalm 22? 
  105. Can You Pray St Patrick’s Prayer?
  106. How Long Did Job Suffer?
  107. What is the New Name Spoken Of In Revelation 2:17?
  108. Have You Sat At The Master’s Table? (John 13-17)
  109. Where Did Cain Get His Wife? Who Was Cain’s Wife?
  110. What Does “Speaking the Truth in Love” Really Mean? (Eph 4:15)
  111. How Should We Understand the Willful Sin of Hebrews 10:26?
  112. What Does It Mean to Be Created in God’s Image?
  113. After 2020, How Should I Begin 2021?
  114. Was Mary a Levite, making Jesus both King and Priest?
  115. Should I Say “Happy Holidays” Instead of “Merry Christmas?”
  116. What is the Prophetic Symbolism of Advent Candles?
  117. What are the Events of Jesus’ Birth? Timeline and Chronology
  118. How to Celebrate a COVID-Year Thanksgiving with Social Distancing?
  119. How Does John’s Gospel Use Sevens to Reveal Jesus?
  120. How Do We Rejoice in Suffering (Trials and Tribulation)?
  121. What Is All Souls’ Day? (November 2nd)
  122. Do Presidents Pray?
  123. How Can We Save Our Country?
  124. Did Jesus Heal 1 or 2 Demoniacs?   Does Matthew Contradict Mark & Luke?
  125. Does 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3 Suggest a Mid-Trib Rapture? 
  126. What is the Difference Between an Apostle and a Disciple?
  127. What are the Roads to Salvation? Romans Road, John Road, Revelation Road?
  128. Did Jesus Really Mean “Be Perfect?” (Matthew 5:48)
  129. Has Anyone Ever Taken Your Place?  An Amazing Account + A 9/11 Tribute 
  130. What Does the Seventh-day Adventist Church Believe?
  131. What is the Seventieth Week of Daniel?
  132. Why Do We Believe in a Pre-Trib Rapture?
  133. Is Calvinism Biblical?
  134. What Does It Mean To Give Your Life To Jesus?
  135. Was there a Pre-adamite Heaven and Earth? A Gap Theory?
  136. Has Coronavirus Affected Our Faith?  Sad COVID-19 Statistics
  137. Does Hebrews 6:4-6 Teach Salvation Can Be Lost?
  138. What are the Never-Never Lands in the Bible?
  139. Are We Called to be a Mnason? And what’s a Mnason?
  140. What Is A Christian’s Duty In Troubled Times?
  141. Should We Call God, “Father God?”
  142. What is the Crown of Righteousness?
  143. What are the 10 Ways We Can Love Like Jesus?
  144. When the Church is Raptured, Will Animals be Left Behind?
  145. Will the Rapture Occur at Pentecost (Shavuot)?
  146. Is Memorial Day Biblical?
  147. Do Angels Take Us To Heaven When We Die?
  148. Where is There Joy in COVID-19? A Lesson from Ten Years Ago
  149. Is it True? “God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle”
  150. What is the Vertical and Horizontal of the Cross?
  151. What is Maundy Thursday?  The Basin & The Towel
  152. Why Was a Ram Sacrificed in Genesis 22 Instead of a Lamb? 
  153. Why Has God Allowed COVID-19 to Afflict Us?
  154. What Should Christians Think about COVID-19? (Isaiah 43)
  155. What Would St. Patrick Think About His Day?
  156. What Does It Mean To WALK IN HOPE?
  157. What are the Individual Works of the Trinity in Creation and Redemption?
  158. Is All Love Created Equal? CS Lewis Answers – 4 kinds of love
  159. How Do We See Jesus?
  160. Were OT People Saved by Looking Forward to the Cross?
  161. Can There Be Sin In Heaven?
  162. Sin, Iniquity and Transgression? How are they different?
  163. What are “The 70 New Year’s Resolutions?”
  164. Why Did Jesus Come to Earth? Seven Reasons for Our Hope!
  165. Is Thanksgiving Day Biblical?
  166. How is Joseph a Type of Jesus?
  167. How Many Miracles Did Jesus Do on Earth?
  168. How Should I Witness to Mormons?
  169. What are the Five Solas of the Reformation?
  170. Should We Not Repeat Prayers Because of Vain Repetitions? (Matt 6:7)
  171. Who Are You? (Designed by the Creator video)
  172. Is My Heart Wicked and Deceitful Above All Things? (Jer 17:9) Don’t I Have a New Heart?
  173. What Typology in the Harvests Points to the Two Resurrections?
  174. What is Biblical Typology and Symbolism? 
  175. Faith, Hope and Love — Why is Love the Greatest?
  176. Did Jesus Fight Satan to Take Back the Keys Of Death and Hell?
  177. Will We See the Face of God in Heaven? What Will He Look Like?
  178. Does Revelation 3:5 Suggest Salvation Can Be Lost?
  179. Is Faith to Believe a Gift from God? Given to Some But Not to All?
  180. What is the Book of Life?
  181. How Can Preaching the Gospel be Easy?
  182. When It Feels Like God Is Far Away, What Can I Do?
  183. Did Elhanan Kill Goliath? (2 Sam 21:15) Or was it David? (1 Sam 17)
  184. What are the Colors of Sin, Sorry, and Saved? (Teaching Children About Salvation)
  185. Jesus in the Gospels: What are the Four Different Presentations of Jesus?
  186. How are the Shepherd’s Rod and Staff Different?
  187. What are the 7 “I Am” Statements and 7 “I Will” Statements from Jesus?
  188. What are the Doctrines of Imputed, Infused, and Imparted Righteousness?
  189. Does Abba Really Mean Daddy? Should we pray, “Father God”?
  190. Are Purgatory and Limbo Real Places? 
  191. What is IVDAR? Or IVDARR?
  192. What Does It Mean To WALK WITH GOD?
  193. What Does It Mean To WALK BY FAITH?
  194. Does Mark 16:9-20 Belong in the Bible?
  195. Will you remember?
  196. Is Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” a Christian Song?
  197. How Can We Prove a Virgin Birth? Why Was a Virgin Birth Necessary?
  198. Why Does Heaven Need to be Created New (Isaiah & Revelation)? Isn’t Heaven Perfect?
  199. What is Anthropomorphism?
  200. What Does the Bible Teach About Speaking in Tongues?
  201. Why are Christians Called Sons of God and What About the Sons of God in Genesis 6?
  202. Why Should God be Loved? Four Degrees of Love
  203. What is the Extravagant Love of God that Captures our Hearts?
  204. What Does it Mean to Keep or Guard Your Heart?
  205. How Can I Understand the Love of God?
  206. What is the Difference Between Peace WITH God and Peace OF God?What Should Christians Know and Think About Roe v. Wade
  207. When Does a Woman Become a Mother? (Sanctity of Human Life Day)
  208. What If You Had Been There When Jesus Was Born? Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Krueger’s Christmas
  209. How Does a Candy Cane Share the Gospel?
  210. Does “Xmas” Cross Jesus Out of Christmas?
  211. Who are the Sheep and the Goats of Matthew 25?
  212. How can I make Thanksgiving “Christian” when non-believers will be at my house?
  213. How should I live so I hear, “well done, good and faithful servant?”  I’m afraid I’ll hear “you wicked and lazy servant.”
  214. Remembering Billy Graham — A Life Well Lived
  215. Does Satan Have a Stronger Influence on Halloween?
  216. How Does Satan Attack Christians? What are the Big Three Schemes of the Devil?
  217. Is Satan’s Real Name Lucifer? Or Should We Call Him Satan?
  218. Three Heavens? Where is the Third Heaven?
  219. Is the Great Commission in the Book of Luke?
  220. How Can I Prove God Exists?
  221. Why Did the Terrorists Choose 9/11 to Attack?
  222. Taste and See That God Is Good? (Ps 34) What does that mean?
  223. TNG Radio: Alex McFarland Interview with Shari Abbott
  224. Does There Need to be Two or Three Gathered Together for Jesus to be Present? (Matt 18:20) – A Misunderstood Verse
  225. Should We Use BC/AD or BCE/CE for Dating Years? (B.C./A.D. or B.C.E./C.E.)
  226. What is the Age of Accountability?
  227. Is “Going to Hell in a Handbasket” from the Bible?
  228. How Should a Christian Spend Vacation?
  229. What are the Seven Deadly Sins?
  230. The White House: Shrouded in Color or Covered in God’s Word?
  231. Are We Dichotomy or Trichotomy Beings? 
  232. The Abyss, the Bottomless Pit, Tartarus, Gehenna, the Lake of Fire, and Outer Darkness?
  233. Did Jesus Call Joseph “Father?”
  234. Sheol, Hell, Torment, Abyss, Tartarus, Gehenna, Fire, Darkness? What & Where Are They?
  235. What is Faith? How do I get it? How do I grow it?
  236. We’re Asking You an Important Question
  237. How Can I Witness if I Don’t Have the Gift of Evangelism?
  238. What are the “I Will ” Statements of Satan, God, and Jesus?
  239. Did John the Baptist Doubt?
  240. Is God Fulfilling All Things?  The Parable of the Fig Tree (Matt 24) and Israel’s 70th Birthday
  241. What Will Heaven Be Like? And, What’s Missing in Heaven?
  242. How Many Other People in the Bible Were Resurrected from Death?
  243. Who Am I? Am I Really Made in the Image of God?
  244. Is There a Remez in Psalm 23? Are Names of God in the Psalm?
  245. Why Isn’t Psalm 151 in the Bible?
  246. Fear Not! How Do We Do That?
  247. What Does it Mean to Be a Child of God?
  248. What Should Christians Think About Facebook?
  249. What is the Prophetic Meaning of the Ensigns of the Camps of Israel?
  250. What’s the Amazing Remez in the Book of Numbers?
  251. Where Is Mount Sinai?
  252. Are You Stuck in “The Middle”?
  253. What is the Judgment Seat of Christ?  Will It Be Painful?
  254. What Would Billy Graham Say on His 99th Birthday?
  255. A Trick-or-Treat Test: Three Days
  256. Is It a Fetus or a Baby? Remember Pro-Life Day
  257. Las Vegas Shooting: Why Didn’t God Stop It?
  258. Why Do I Feel Unforgiven?
  259. What Should Christians Think and Do About Halloween?
  260. What are the Benefits of Being a Christian?
  261. Who Was the First Victim of 9/11?
  262. What about the Verses that Say God Repented?
  263. Is Repentance a Work? 
  264. What Did Jesus Say About Heaven?
  265. What Did Jesus Say About Hell?
  266. Which Old Testament Book Did Jesus Quote Most Often?
  267. Is America a Christian Nation?
  268. The Most Popular Book in the Bible? The Least Popular Book?
  269. Did We Exist as Spirit Beings Prior to Birth? (Jer 1:5)
  270. Should We Only Pray to the Father as Jesus Taught? Or Is It Okay to Pray to Jesus and the Spirit?
  271. How to See Jesus in the Darkness of this World?
  272. Where Were the Disciples When the Holy Spirit Was Given?
  273. What About Those Who Have Never Heard of Jesus? Will They Be Condemned?
  274. What does it mean to live your life as a testimony for Jesus? 3 Steps!
  275. Be BOLD or Be Gentle When Witnessing? 
  276. How Can We Understand God’s Love?  (A Must See Video)
  277. Why is Prayer Important? Do We Need to Pray?
  278. The Rest of “The Birdcage” Story by Paul Harvey
  279. Obituary of Jesus: Body Stolen or Risen? What do you say?
  280. What Do We Know about Judas? This Might Surprise You.
  281. What If We Skipped Easter This Year?
  282. How Can a Loving God Send Someone to Hell?
  283. Does a Wedding Ceremony Have Prophetic Typology of the Rapture?
  284. What Do Kids Say About Love?
  285. A Question From Us to YOU! What is Your Answer?
  286. Is It a Sin to Drink Alcohol?
  287. Where Did Jesus Go When He Died?
  288. Why Didn’t the Jews Accept Jesus as Messiah?
  289. Do these words describe Jesus? Offensive, Scandalous, and Arrogant.
  290. Why Did Satan Rebel Against God?
  291. What are the Prophecies of Christmas?
  292. Where are the genealogies of Jesus in Mark and John?
  293. Why are There Two Different Genealogies for Jesus?
  294. How Full of Thanksgiving is Your Life?
  295. Why the Fish? And What is a Chrismon?
  296. What Would Billy Graham Say?
  297. Our Triune God: One God in Three Persons, Working Together
  298. Who Can Tell Me?
  299. Why the Anchor? And What is a Chrismon?
  300. Jesus Never Sinned. So Why Was Jesus Baptized?
  301. If You Were the Only Person Alive, Would Jesus Have Died For Only You?
  302. If Baptized as an Infant, Do I Need to Be Baptized Again?
  303. Is It OK to Lie (like Rahab did) to Bring About Good?
  304. Why Did It Need to Be a Human-Blood Atonement?
  305. Why a Pre-Trib Rapture?
  306. What is the Rapture?
  307. Can Jesus Be Found in the Old Testament?
  308. How Could Noah Fit All the Animals on the Ark?
  309. How Do I Fight Impure Thoughts?
  310. Will Impure Thoughts Condemn Me? 
  311. Is the Mark of the Beast a Tattoo? A Computer Chip? A Barcode?
  312. What is the Fellowship of the Fatherless?
  313. What is the Mark of the Beast? (Rev 14:9)
  314. Was Jesus Forsaken by His Father?
  315. Saturday or Sunday Sabbath?
  316. A Contradiction in the Bible? Was King David the 7th or 8th Son of Jesse?
  317. Who were the Nephalim & the Sons of God in Genesis 6?
  318. What is a Helpmeet?
  319. To Tat or Not to Tat (tattoo)? Is That the Question?
  320. What is Soul Sleep?
  321. Is There a Remez (Hidden Message) in Genesis 5?
  322. Should we call His name Jesus? Or Yahweh? Or Yeshua?
  323. What is The Fellowship of the Unashamed?
  324. Did Pilate Proclaim Jesus to be God? A Remez on the Cross
  325. What’s the Meaning of the Folded Napkin in the tomb?
  326. Names of God
  327. Names and Titles for the Holy Spirit
  328. Does a Pre-Tribulation Rapture View Oppose Christian Zionism?
  329. Who Killed Jesus?
  330. How Much Should I Fear Satan?
  331. Do Babies Go to Heaven if They Die? The Mentally Impaired, Young Children, the Unborn?
  332. What is Love? 
  333. What About Psalms 151-160? Why are They Missing from the Bible?
  334. Can You Be a Christian if You Don’t Believe in the Resurrection?
  335. Is it Okay to Be Angry with God?
  336. What’s in the Pause?
  337. The Most Important Lesson for YOU in the Nativity Story?
  338. Errors in the Nativity Story? Is Jesus’ birthplace wrong?
  339. What do Zelophehad’s Daughters have to do with Christmas?
  340. Misconceptions About Christmas: the Journey to Bethlehem
  341. Did Jesus Descend into Hell?
  342. Does God create evil as Isaiah 45:7 says?
  343. Are We the Bride of Christ Now? Or in the Future?
  344. Is there an error in Genesis 2:17 because Adam & Eve did not physically die?
  345. Are the Jews still the chosen people of God?
  346. Is There a Remez (hidden message) in Revelation 7? Why is Dan Missing?
  347. Is repentance a requirement for salvation?
  348. How should I witness to Jehovah’s Witnesses?
  349. What evidence is there that proves God as Creator? A Butterfly!
  350. Why did Jesus weep knowing He would raise Lazarus?
  351. What do the 12 stones UNDER the Jordan River mean? (Joshua 4)
  352. The Meaning of Colors in the Bible?
  353. What is the Meaning of Numbers in the Bible?
  354. What Makes the Bible So Unique?
  355. Is My TATTOO a Sin???
  356. Where did the sin of Lucifer come from?
  357. Is Purgatory a Real Place?
  358. What is the Triunity of Creation?
  359. Why didn’t God answer my prayers and heal my loved one?
  360. Is It a Sin to Be Fat?
  361. Why Should I Witness?
  362. 1 John 1:9 What is the Christian “Bar of Soap?”
  363. Is there a contradiction in Acts 8:12-17? (Simon the Sorcerer)
  364. What about magic, witches and fairies in children’s books and movies?
  365. Is SUICIDE an Unforgivable Sin?
  366. Can Jews go to Heaven without knowing Jesus?
  367. What is glory?
  368. How Should I Understand Predestination?
  369. Are we a soul? Or do we have a soul?
  370. What Crowns will Believers Receive?
  371. What is the unpardonable (unforgivable) sin? What if I commit it?
  372. Was Jesus Born in a Stable, a Cave or a House?
  373. What are the various types of prayer? How should I pray?
  374. Does the resurrection of Lazarus contradict Hebrews 9:27?
  375. Is it Okay for a Christian to be Cremated
  376. Do our pets go to Heaven when they die?
  377. In addition to Yahweh (YHVH), Yeshua and Jesus, what other names for God are in the Bible?
  378. Responses to “Is it a sin to drink alcohol?”
  379. Is the “darkened sun” (Acts 2:20) prophesy of the end times?
  380. Why did Jesus have to die? Could it have been done another way?
  381. Is the Bible Still Accurate?
  382. Should we celebrate Jesus’ birthday in September?
  383. Why does the Catholic church pray to “saints,” if Jesus is the only one who can answer prayers?
  384. What Is Election?
  385. What is a Hebrews 12 Father?
  386. Reasons for Hope in Sorrow and Despair?
  387. Do I have to tithe?
  388. Is it OK to ask God questions?
  389. Is Hell a real place?
  390. Is the Bible a Love Letter to Me?
  391. Are blood transfusions OK for Christians?
  392. Where should I start reading the Bible?
  393. Do Our Words Matter?
  394. What does the Bible say about drugs?
  395. Is church membership necessary?
  396. How can I convince someone that they have eternal security?
  397. Does God Love the Lost?
  398. Is Heaven for Real? How can we know what heaven is like?
  399. Romans 8:28 For my good? Really?
  400. Do we have Guardian Angels?
  401. Are there only three sins? What are they?
  402. Does God eat?
  403. What Is My Purpose In Life?
  404. Were there flood survivors in addition to Noah and his family?
  405. Why should we study creation?
  406. Are debates worthwhile for sharing God’s truth?
  407. What Is The Best Bible to Read?
  408. What is eternal security/assurance of salvation? Can I lose salvation?
  409. How did Jesus become a man?
  410. Was Jesus born in September?
  411. What is the Significance of the Temptations of Christ?
  412. Did David or Elhanan kill Goliath?
  413. Your thoughts about “should Christians celebrate Halloween?”
  414. Do I need to be baptized like Jesus was baptized?
  415. The Blood Curse of Jeconiah
  416. Jesus said, I never knew you. Why?
  417. Revelation 22:17 Who is the bride? When is this?
  418. Who’s the 12th apostle in Rev 21:14?
  419. Is a tattoo a poor testimony…?
  420. Was Jesus a sacrifice to Satan?
  421. How do I cope when a loved one dies very young?
  422. Which Bible Translation is Best?
  423. A better answer than 2 Timothy 3:16 for the Bible being God’s Word?
  424. Do we live by law or by grace?
  425. Are you certain that when Christians die they go to Heaven?
  426. Why does God allow pain and suffering?
  427. Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?
  428. Were the Days of Creation 24-hour Days, or Longer?
  429. What are the Deadly “Ds” of Suffering – The Book of Job
  430. When Suffering, What Do You Really Need?
  431. What is Grief? The Best Definition
  432. Each New Morn, New Widows Howl, New Orphans Cry, New Sorrows Strike Heaven Upon the Face
  433. The Road from Knowing About God to Knowing God is Paved in Suffering
  434. Tears and Trust Can Exist Side by Side   
  435. What Was Job’s Greatest Loss? This Might Surprise You!
  436. What Good Comes from Suffering and Loss?
  437. What is Good Counseling to Those Who Weep?
  438. No Matter Who You Are or What You’ve Done, God Wants You
  439. How do we get ourselves clean? Job’s friends’ view or God’s answer?
  440. Where Did Job’s Friends Go Wrong?
  441. We All Know What it Feels Like to Lose
  442. How Do We Recover From Being Like Job’s Friends?
  443. Unconditional Love Given to an Undeserving Person by an Unobligated Giver
  444. How Can You Endure Rejection?
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