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Alex McFarlandAlex McFarland is a well-known and respected Christian apologist, author, evangelist, speaker, and culture and religion analyst. As the organizer of Truth for a New Generation Conferences, he presents timely truths to build and strengthen a biblical worldview.  Alex is the host of TNG Radio and co-host of Exploring the Word on American Family Radio. He is the founder and organizer of Truth for a New Generation Conferences.  Bio for Alex McFarland Visit    

Shari Abbott
Shari Abbott, executive director and founder of Reasons for Hope* Jesus, is a Christian apologist, writer, author, and Bible teacher. She is responsible for content development and distribution, ministry outreach, and maintenance and growth of the ministry.  The mission of Reasons for Hope*Jesus is to glorify God by equipping and encouraging Christians to know Jesus better, to love Him more, and by empowering them to be bold and share their faith.  Bio for Shari Abbott

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