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Bible Quiz: Fathers in the Bible

Bible Trivia Quiz Who was the father of Noah?  Who was the father of Abraham? Who was the father of Joseph and his brothers? Who was the father of Aaron and Moses? Who was the father of King Saul? Who was the father of King David? Who was the father of...

The Origin of the Internet

The Internet had a beginning. But when was it? And how did it start? This will surprise you…and make you smile.

Fun Facts on Love

Test your knowledge of “love” in the Bible. Some fun, and challenging, questions for you.

Which U.S. President Said…

“The studious perusal of the Sacred Scriptures will make better citizens, better fathers, and better husbands.”

Years of Age?

Test your knowledge of the Bible with Fun Facts! See how many you get correct and learn from the questions you can’t answer.


Miracles! What was the first miracle, or supernatural event reported in the Bible?  In what body of water was Naaman the leper healed?  Who caused an axe head to swim?  When prayers were offered, who opened the doors of a prison to free a man?  What miracle of Jesus...

The Long and Short of It?

The long and short of it in the Bible? The longest and shortest sentences? The longest and shortest verses? Chapters? Books? And more.

Animals in the Bible

The Bible is filled with fun facts. Short and sweet, our Fun Facts column reminds us of the accuracy of the Bible in providing relevant answers & information.