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fun facts Bible readerHow old was…?

  1. How old was Adam when Eve gave birth to Seth?
  2. How old was Abraham when he was circumcised?
  3. Who was Israel’s youngest king?
  4. How old was Israel’s youngest king?
  5. How old was Joseph when he died?
  6. How old was King Josiah when he became a father?


  1. Adam was 130 years old when Seth was born (Gen 5:3).
  2. Abraham was circumcised when he was 99 years old (Gen 17:24).
  3. Israel’s youngest king was Joash.
  4. Joash became Israel’s youngest king 7 years old (2 Chr 24:1).
  5. Joseph died at 110 years old (Gen 50:22).  (He’s the only only person in Genesis to live less than 120 years.)
  6. King Josiah was only about 13-14 years old when he became a father (connect these verses to figure this out: 2 Kin 22:1, 2 Kin 23:31, 2 Kin 23:34-36). 



Please help us share God's truths and hope in Christ.


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