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Martin Luther on Trial

500 years since Luther’s 95 Thesis and now Satan wants him judged in court. The theatrical production of “Martin Luther on Trial” presents a heavenly courtroom and a most interesting trial.

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Why Do I Feel Unforgiven?

You’ve sinned, confessed, repented, and still, you feel unforgiven? What to think? What to do? Why don’t you feel forgiven and how can you overcome the feeling?

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Finding Peace in the Smoke

When the smoke of a tragedy rises, how do you find peace? 9/11 changed the world, but it didn’t change God’s promises. Reflect, now, on 9/11 and your life.

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Is Repentance a Work? 

Some say that repentance is a work and can’t be part of salvation. Learn the scriptural meaning and application of repentance.

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The Five Books of Moses

The Five Books of Moses make up the Pentateuch. The word Pentateuch comes from two Greek words that mean "five books" or "five scrolls. The books tell of history from the beginning of time, with the creation of the world, to the death of Moses....

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Give Me a Hand

What about hands? Are yours like the hands of Jesus? Check out the list All About Jesus’ Hands.

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