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What is Cultural Marxism?

Cultural Marxism is attacking the church in the form of Critical Race Theory and intersectionality. Do you understand these? Are you aware of their effects?

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Can There Be Sin In Heaven?

Heaven is God’s dwelling place, outside of our time dimension and separate from our fallen, sinful world.  So can there ever be sin in Heaven?

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Is Abortion Ever Okay?

Dr. Alveda C. King, granddaughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, speaks on the sanctity of human life reminding us of the need to protect pre-born life.

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A Christmas Morning Prayer

On Christmas morning take time to come to the cradle. Read this poem by legendary author Robert Louis Stevenson and pray this prayer with us.

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How is Joseph a Type of Jesus?

Joseph pre-figured, foreshadowed, and whispered of the Anointed One who would come to deliver His people. Read all the ways Joseph was a type of Christ.

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Is the Bible the Word of God?

Why should we believe the Bible is the Word of God? Can the Bible be trusted? Is it inerrant? What reasons do we have to claim the Bible is true. Watch now.

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When is Jesus Coming Back?

Only God knows the time and the hour when Jesus will come back (Mat 24:36), but we do know that His return is drawing closer. How do we know that?

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