The Legacy of Love

I belong to a fellowship that  I never wanted to join. It’s the Fellowship of the Fatherless.  I won’t be purchasing a gift, signing a card or sharing a meal with my father on Father’s Day.  He’s been with Jesus for a long time and I still miss him. Time has faded many memories and yet a legacy remains that gives me more than comfort…it gives me hope.  His love remains, and it is a reminder that my earthly father is with my heavenly Father and my Saviour has promised me a reunion one day.

The Legacy of a Godly Father

Many have written about what defines a godly father and the Bible speaks clearly with much wisdom and instruction on this. I suggest that what makes a man a good and godly father is the same thing that makes a woman a good and godly mother, a daughter a good and godly daughter, a son a good and godly son, a friend a good and godly friend…you get the idea.  

Pastor and Bible teacher Woodrow Kroll is well known for these words:

Have a good and godly day. For of what lasting value is a good day, if it is not also a godly day?

I borrow on his thoughts and paraphrase that to suggest:

Be a good and godly ____________ [fill in the blank: father, mother, daughter, son, etc]. For of what lasting value is a good ____________ if not also a godly ____________?

This article will be short and sweet.  It’s about the lasting value our lives leave when we depart this world.  When one becomes a member of the Fellowship of the Fatherless, the motherless, or any other such “group,” they are bonded together by the loss of a loved one, but what remains is individual, personal and precious.

***Watch the inspiring video at the end of this article***

There are 5 points of importance in the video that follows.  While the video is intended to honor fathers on Father’s Day, the lessons presented apply to all of us.

This article is also not only about fathers.  What applies to being a godly father also applies to mothers, daughters, sons, friends, employees, etc.  Living a godly life does not start with a “to do” list.  Godly living is not sustained by duty, but rather by devotion. We are fallen creatures and we will always fall short in dutiful living. What God wants is that our lives be fueled by devotion and dependance on Him.  That’s godly living.

Godly living starts with a heart devoted to the Lord, a focus on Jesus and a daily surrender to His will and ways.  When we live that way, our souls will be filled and our minds directed  by His Holy Spirit. 

Jesus’ Prescription for Godly Living

Matthew 22:37-40  “…You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”

Only by loving God first can we love others with a selflessness that reflects Jesus’ unconditional love for us.  When Jesus said, “On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets,” He was giving godly direction for our works and our hopes.  

Our works are defined by the Law of God, and our works should always be fueled by love for Jesus. Then we will know and trust that His Spirit will direct and guide us in all we do.  

Our true hopes have been given to us through the promises of God as prophesied through the Prophets.  When we abide in Jesus’ love, find rest in Him, we can know and trust that He is faithful to give us all that He has promised.  What a great hope that is of strength and joy in this life and glory to come.  The Lord’s promises are many and our hope is anchored in Him.

Fellowship of the Fatherless?

So what does all this have to do with the Fellowship of the Fatherless?  One day all fathers will leave their children.  All mothers will too.  What defines the members in this “group” is loss but what surpasses the sorrow is love.  Memories of loved ones will fade with time, but their love abides forever.  

Living a good and godly life really is all about love…loving God and loving our neighbors.  And it really is of lasting value.  That’s why the apostle James defined the commandment to love as The Royal Law.  It is the Law of our King, whom we live to love and to serve. 

When our lives are fueled by God’s love for us, and when we pour that out in love for others, we are building the legacy of love that we all hope to leave to our loved ones.

Take a minute now and watch this video.  It’s meant for fathers but it presents 5 truths, 5 key points about love, that hold true for all.  Live your life not focused on your works, but on loving your Lord.  Let Him work in and through you with His love that is of lasting value, a true and faithful legacy of love.

Happy Father’s Day from Reasons for Hope* Jesus


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