The third Tuesday in October is the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. In addition, the whole month is a time to stand for the sanctity of life. And, it is a reminder to speak for truth and take a stand against the murders of the most innocent and most defenseless—unborn babies. 

The womb has become the most unsafe habitation for a child.  With abortion numbers rising, and the taking of unborn life being justified, we have become a nation of baby killers.  There is no “whitewashing” this issue.  Christians cannot turn a blind eye to the atrocities of abortion.  We must be vocal and we must stand strong, proclaiming the truth that abortion is murder.  It’s not just terminating a medical condition. Nine months of pregnancy is the gestation period of life, it is life, the very beginning of life. To terminate a pregnancy is to kill a baby.

The Answer is Simple

A most beautiful poem sums this up by answering man’s most innate question. It was written many years ago by my friend and colleague, E.Z. Zwayne, president of Living Waters Ministry (see poem below).  It reveals a child’s quest to understand his origins and it reminds us of our responsibility to provide God’s answers to our children.  Whether it is the answer to the question, “where did I come from,” or any question about our God and our faith, we must be ready, willing and able to give an answer (1 Peter 3:15).  That’s why apologetics is important.  Get equipped with knowledge, so you will be empowered to share God’s truth.

If we don’t provide biblical truths to  our children, our family and our friends, the world will teach them lies.

During this month of October, when many churches and Christians will speak boldly about the sin of abortion, take a minute and read this poem.  Remember the importance of knowing that God is the Giver of Life (Psalm 139:13) and it is God who ordains and numbers our days.

Job 14:5-6  Since his days are determined, The number of his months is with You; You have appointed his limits, so that he cannot pass.  Look away from him that he may rest, Till like a hired man he finishes his day.

Psa 22:10  I was cast upon You from birth. From My mother’s womb You have been My God

~ Who Can Tell Me? ~

“Who can tell me where I came from?” The little boy would ask.
His question was a good one, Yet he faced a trying task.
Each man had different answers, As he was soon to learn.
This brought him great confusion, And it caused a deep concern.
He first went to his schoolmates, And they spoke with one another.
“I know,” said the brightest one, “You came from your mother.”
Now this had satisfied him, Yet only for a time.
For as he grew, year by year, His thoughts began to climb.
He then looked all around him, At all that he could see.
And his mind began to wonder, How it all had come to be.
He thought about the universe, The span of outer space,
And every star and planet, That exists in every place.
He thought about the rounded Earth, Its tilt and its rotation,
And all the seasons that occur, In yearly circulation.
He thought about the darkness, And he thought about the light.
He thought about the sun and moon, That rule the day and night.
He thought of all the creatures, Of the land and sea and skies,
Of all the different species, And their variance in size.


He thought of all the plants and trees,  And all that each provides,
Each growing from a tiny seed, With roots the soil hides.
He then looked at humanity, The sea of different faces,
Varied tongues and characters, From many distant places.
He thought of mortal bodies, With features so profound;
And the sense of taste and touch, And smell and sight and sound.
He thought of reproduction, And the miracle of birth.
He thought of human life itself, And all that it is worth.
He then considered human will: Both the weak and strong.
He thought about the conscience, That discerns the right from wrong.
He thought about emotions, And feelings that arise.
He thought about the love and hate, And tears that flow from eyes.
He thought about the anger, And the joy that’s all around.
He thought about the happiness, And sadness that is found.
And filled with curiosity, This boy would daily strive,
In hopeful expectation, That his answer would arrive.
He spoke with scientific men, Who claimed his question solved.
They told him of a great big bang, That all things had evolved.
He then spoke with philosophers— Heard some of them insist
That there’s no true reality, And we do not exist.
He spoke with many people, From different groups and sects,
And heard the vast opinions, Of various intellects.
Now baffled by confusion, A very troubled youth;
Unable to discern, What is error, what is truth.
He almost gave up looking, But he took a second look.
And very unexpectedly,He found a special Book.
As he gazed upon the first page, He knew his search was done.
His questions all were answered, In Genesis chapter one.
With a nod of understanding, He smiled, so elated.
For now he surely knew—“In the beginning God created…”


~ Poem by E.Z. Zwayne, president Living Waters Ministry

The Sanctity of Life

All the answers are in God’s Book of Truth.  And the truthful answer is that all human life is precious…including the life of the unborn!  Pray that our nation will take a stand against abortion and help put an end to the murder of unborn babies.  We must protect the most defenseless of all…a baby in the womb.  Vote in the next election…and Pause to Pray for our nation, its leaders and people.


A Gift from God by artist Ron DiCianni

A Gift from God by artist Ron DiCianni

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Do not be anxious about anything.  (Phil 4:6)

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must rightly remember who is in control.  Our God is sovereign over all things, including COVID-19.  As Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) said, “The sovereignty of God is a soft pillow on which weary people lay their heads.” 

Remember also God’s gracious promise, and that it is true and He is faithful to keep it:  Hebrews 13:5 …”I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”  The next verse remind us of the power that comes in trusting God and how we can live:  Hebrews 13:6 So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man [or COVID-19] shall do to me.

God loves us, and in Christ we find confidence and calm in times of uncertainty and trouble.  When we trust in God, fear is replaced with faith, stress is replaced with strength, anxiety is gone and hope abounds, problems become opportunities, and we are able to receive the blessings God has for us in the midst of difficult circumstances. Turn to Jesus. He will lead you to the still waters and give rest for your troubled soul.  

This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast…Hebrews 6:19


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