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We asked. You responded. And now we share what you had to say.  Read through the responses we received on Facebook and in emails.  Be sure to read to the end. 

The last response contains 16 reasons why we should celebrate Halloween.

YOUR RESPONSES from Facebook and emails 

From Facebook

Since it is a day which ‘celebrates’ death, and darkness, and things which go bump in the night, we should not participate.  We walk in the light as He is in the Light, and do not the works of darkness from which we came.  There are alternatives: Fall Festivals, and other outreach opportunities can be done at your church.  — JS

We celebrate Reformation Day. (Martin Luther Oct 31, 1517) — CP

At our house, Halloween is not a celebration of “death, darkness, and things which go bump in the night.” Halloween is a time to dress up in fun costumes (we don’t do scary), carve silly pumpkins, and trick or treat for candy. I see nothing wrong with participating in Halloween. — SKRW

Taking an original pagan holiday and turning it Christian by changing somethings. I think it’s funny if people are so against doing it for Halloween but have no problem doing it for Christmas… It’s practically the same thing… — BC

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Put gospel tracts in the candy bags! — MJG

I know people think I am a killjoy. I have no problem with kids dressing up, and having Fall-based party games. but I would urge them not to do it on Halloween, because of the strong satanic connotations. When we allow our kids to participate, even in a ‘harmless’ way, we leave them open to demonic oppression. I like the idea that one brother posted of celebrating Reformation day. but don’t celebrate Halloween – not even in fun. Demonic powers are real. and definitely don’t encourage kids in the horrible form of begging known as ‘trick or treat’. — PT

We participate as a way to evangelize, taking advantage of people coming to us looking for a treat. What better treat than God’s Good News? We attach a note to a candy bar: “We Rest In Peace because we rest in our trust in Jesus” or “Jesus saves us from the grave”. Followed by the verse in John 3:16. and the name of our church with worship times. Our Pumpkin has a cross carved into it. That is the extent of our decorations. — LGP

I use it as an opportunity. People come to the door, so why not invite them to church too. I give candy also  Also, our town had a Scarecrow Contest, so my youth group set one up to advertise our church’s fall festival that is in November.  — BT

The Christian, not by name, but born again and that operates under Spirit’s indwelling that asks for wisdom in these areas will clearly avoid societies response to join in any Halloween celebrations. Not wise, scripture repeatedly informs against such conduct. Spiritual warfare is not child’s play — RRW

Halloween means to me a time to celebrate the changing colors, weather and an end to harvest time…It makes me sad that it got it’s start from pagan traditions because it is a fun time to let loose and dress up and meet and greet neighbors who would not open there doors to you other wise. It is also a wonderful way to hand out tracts and spread the gospel. I know we will never agree on should we as Christians celebrate it or not so all in all I guess it’s how convicted you are on the subject. — RRW

Pass out tracts and give candy at Halloween but stay away from occultic symbols and other Halloween celebrations. — JU

As Christians we are thankful, for the Holy Spirit convicts us and we KNOW it is wrong and harmful. However, how do we warn the unbelievers? They are so duped by acceptable words like, ‘it’s a Festival’, and the encouragement BBC gives through ‘Strickly Dancing’ etc. and practically all stores in the High Street cashing in on it. What does ‘Halloween’ mean to me? “Hallow” is an old English word for “holy person” and All Hallow’s Day is simply another name of All Saints’ Day, the day Catholics commemorate all the saints. (Quote from My understanding of it is, it is occultic, satanic and dabbling with it ‘ in fun’ is dangerous! When God says ‘no’ to witchcraft, it is because He loves us and wants us to have a good wholesome lives with good relationships. Tempering with the supernatural is harmful. — KM

We do costumes, candy, and pumpkins… but not at halloween. Actually we do it at thanksgiving (in Canada it’s in october) and give thanks to God for everything with that occasion. I separate the celebration of death from our fall fun activities. No matter how people want to debate it, halloween is historically celebration of death and will always be. — RL

I teach at church, and also a small Christian school. I try to keep it simple & tell the children that Halloween is an imitation of devil worship. That is why I don’t like Halloween. — BM

Responses Via Email

All Saints Day is Nov 1, which is why Halloween is known as All Hallows’ Eve. It is a night to remember the dead and comes from pagan roots.  — DQ

I don’t support Halloween in the traditional sense, however we do pass our large candy bars and tracts. We have had a good response with people asking questions. When my kids were little we would let them dress up in costumes, nothing scary, they would chose a hero or someone to amplify. We support the right reasons not the holiday.  GC Our family has never been antagonistic, but also have never participated.  With three children, none of them have ever reacted in a negative way.  — JL

It might sound as a tricky question, but I still never get a good answer to why I would like to celebrate “death” with people that are most likely already going to hell at their death… To those who tell me that it’s a kids celebration… right, and what is the goal with all the horror movie, costume, black magic… sounds really like kids celebration to me.    If I participate one day, it would be with an evangelism purpose (which removes the celebrate). But for now, I educate my kids about it… and pray for them. So far, they are happy with our stand against halloween.  Once we wrapped halloween tracks with candies. Many dozens of them. We left them in a bucket at our door and when we got back home, on that halloween night, they were all gone. Hopefully they were read by a few kids.  — RL

My husband and I buy the large full size candy bars and attach bible verses that we have printed out on bright orange paper.  This may be the only way some children, whose families do not go to church, can receive God’s word.  That just might start a conversation or something with their family.  God’s word never returns void.  — FW

 If you celebrate Christmas at the winter solstice and put the symbolic pagan evergreen tree in your house, or if you celebrate the pagan festival of Easter, which can be traced back to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar (I believe), then getting worked up about Halloween could seem to smack of double standards. Can kids enjoy slightly scary monster stories or tales of ghouls and ghosties without getting dragged into a lifetime of occult worship? I think so. Admittedly Halloween is not as big here in the UK as it is on your side of the Atlantic. We always have a non-Halloween, light themed party at our church that evening where the kids dress up but generally not along Halloween lines although some do and nobody worries too much. Afterwards though the kids will probably do some trick or treating although only about 1 in 10 doors will get answered here. The lure of some free chocolate is too much for most kids to resist.  
If someone is under a real conviction about Halloween then I’d suggest they steer well clear but if they can participate and not take it too seriously then let them get on with it. It is after all the eve of All Hallows when the martyred saints are remembered for the ultimate sacrifice they made for the spreading of the Gospel!  — JK
Halloween is the one true Christian Holiday — it’s All Hollow’s Eve, or All Saints Day.  The reason for the costumes is to make fun of Satan.  The Holiday is to celebrate the saints and their lives.  Satan is the angel of light, but he is evil so the costume is to make him look like a devil …….… — CD

We have chosen as a family and as a church body not to celebrate Halloween or to offer an alternative.  We are probably the strange ones in churchdom, but we believe that this day is truly a day of darkness and evil.  We personally had some women, dressed in black, try to kidnap our dog on Halloween.  True story.  I saw the women grabbing the dog and putting him in their car and rushed out and rescued the dog.  We also found a ceremonially sacrificed cat hanging from a tree near our Seminary house.  It was apparently killed around this time. It was wired to the tree and mutilated.  Excellent DVD called “Halloween:  Trick or Treat” featuring Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Ministries.  So, we believe that it is evil, pagan, and should be avoided.  — ES

No, I don’t think Christians should take part.  BP No! christians should not celebrate halloween Ephesians 5-11  EK

You better believe we should celebrate Halloween!  How about…

  1. we cover our yard with skeleton bones and Bible verses about Ezekiel’s dry bones.
  2. we put up ghosts and flames and share boldly about the Holy Ghost.
  3. we cover our doorposts with imitation blood and tell the Passover story.
  4. we set up two pools so folks arrive via the Parted Red Sea.
  5. we hang red ropes all over and say we were expecting Joshua any moment.
  6. we post a sign “If I Answer The Door, I Haven’t Been Raptured Yet.”
  7. we post a scroll on our door with Martin Luther’s 95 Thesis and a sign proclaiming “It’s Reformation Day.”
  8. we put up a “trick or treat” sign depicting Satan and Jesus and proclaiming… “You Choose.”
  9. we display an Angel of Death and tell of the exodus from Egypt.
  10. we decorate with harvest baskets and wish folks “Happy Harvest” instead of Halloween.
  11. we greet folks with “A Holy ‘een Is Better Than Halloween.”
  12. we take our kids trick-or-treating in costumes based on biblical heroes (real super heroes).
  13. we answer the door dressed as someone from the Bible and say, “extra candy if you can guess who I am.”
  14. we play Christian music instead of spooky songs.
  15. we post a sign that says:  This is a house of prayer. How can we pray for you?
  16. we give a gospel tracts with every candy treat.



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