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  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day — St. Patrick and His Prayer
  2. The Gate of the Year: A Message to a Troubled Nation
  3. Christmas Advent Candle 3 – JOY: Jesus is Our Joy
  4. Christmas Advent Candle 2 – LOVE: Promise Reveals Love
  5. Christmas Advent Candle 1 – HOPE: Prophecy Gives Hope
  6. Seven Benefits of Knowing God
  7. What is Identity in Christ? 101 Truths About Who You Are in Christ
  8. Wherever You Are, Whatever You’ve Done, God Loves You!
  9.  A Biblical Lesson for April Fool’s Day
  10. Who Was John Newton? What’s the Story Behind “Amazing Grace”
  11. Who Was Robert Robinson? What’s the Story Behind “Come Thou Fount”
  12. Who Was Horatio Spafford? What’s the Story Behind “It Is Well With My Soul”
  13. Lent: 40 Titles of Jesus for 40 Days of Devotion
  14. Eye Strain + Heart Pain = Soul-Suffering Sadness
  15. Fear He is a Liar – Video
  16. How Can You Hear God’s Voice in the Darkness? Hello Darkness, My Old Friend: Psalm 88
  17. Christmas Day: When Love Was Born — Light the CHRIST Candle
  18. Christmas Advent Candle 4 – PEACE: Pause to Find Peace
  19. Scripture Cookies – Fun for the Whole Family!
  20. Freedom Is Not Free
  21. 24 Reasons Why I Love America, by John Wayne
  22. Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?
  23. Can You Pray St Patrick’s Prayer?
  24. Pro-Life Matters Because Pre-Life Matters
  25. How Can We Save Our Country?
  26. It’s World Smile Day! What’s in a Smile?
  27. The Prayer — Guide Us With Faith; Give Us Grace; Keep Us Safe
  28. What is Maundy Thursday?  The Basin & The Towel
  29. What Would St. Patrick Think About His Day?
  30. You’ll Never Walk Alone – Music by Tad Lawrence
  31. Even If by Mercy Me
  32. Has Jesus CHANGED Your Life?
  33. Savor the Moments
  34. The Super Bowl of Drunkenness?
  35. A Christmas Morning Prayer
  36. Two Minutes of Refreshing for Labor Day Weekend
  37. Communion on the Moon in Astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s Own Words
  38. A Place in the Sun (Son)
  39. Sadness and Despair: The Darkest Days of All Time
  40. Will you remember?
  41. Broken Relationships: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?
  42. As If We Never Say Goodbye — Music by Tad Lawrence
  43. Do You Have a Heart for God?
  44. Been There, Done That — A Lesson from the Groundhog
  45. Saved by the Bell — Who I Am In Christ
  46. A New Year’s Meditation by Matthew Henry (1662-1714)
  47. Is a New Year’s Eve party biblical? What about the alcohol?
  48. When the Battle is Lost but the Victory is Won — Saying Goodbye to Tad
  49. How Do We “Take” Advent and Find Rest?
  50. We Win!!!  The Real Clash of the Titans
  51. Reformers You Might Not Know: Wycliffe, Hus, Tyndale
  52. Check Your Halloween Baggage At The Door
  53. Won’t Get Fooled Again-Stones in the Bible
  54. Tad’s Journey: Facing Terminal Cancer with Hope & Joy
  55. Sometimes the Most Spiritual Thing You Can Do Is Take a Nap
  56. 10. A Stone of Praise
  57. 9. A Stone of Remembrance in 1 Kings
  58. 8. Stone of Help: Ebenezer – the Lord is our Help
  59. This World Has Lost Its Grip On Me — The Death of a Friend (Video: Control)
  60. 7. A Stone of Deliverance and Memorial in Joshua
  61. 6. A Stone of Foundation and Victory in Exodus
  62. Fear is A Liar – A Witnessing Encounter
  63. 5. A Stone of Precious Promise in Genesis
  64. The White House: Shrouded in Color or Covered in God’s Word?
  65. 4.  A “Mizpah” Stone of Blessing and God’s Faithful Watch in Genesis
  66. 3. A Stone Covered Well in Genesis
  67. 2. A Pillow of Stone and Rest in Genesis
  68. 1. Don’t Get Stoned Again!  A Stone in Genesis
  69. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? 1:41, 1:42, 1:43? One Minute Can Save a Life
  70. What is Profitable Godliness?
  71. Movie Review: I Can Only Imagine
  72. Are you glad to see Jesus? – A Palm Sunday Devotion
  73. The Chief Purpose of Man
  74. Remembering Billy Graham (1918-2018)
  75. Hillsong Wins Grammy for “What a Beautiful Name”
  76. What’s Your Obsession?
  77. Before Time Began. . .
  78. The 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration — What Should Christians Know About It? 
  79. Great is the Lord
  80. Reformation Quiz: Discerning Truth and Error
  81. Martin Luther on Trial
  82. Life or Abortion? “Choice” by EZ Zwayne
  83. Why the Cradle, Cross & Crown? And what is a Chrismon?
  84. Why Do We Call it Labor Day?
  85. Is the Monkey at Your Gate? The Importance of Protecting Our Gates
  86. Eudoxia and John Chrysostom — Hope Prevails Over Persecution
  87. Give Me a Hand
  88. Where is Your Shelter in the Storm?
  89. Will the Sun Come Out Tomorrow?
  90. Day by Day: Three Things to Pray — Seeing Jesus
  91. Cancer Hope: I Am Not Afraid
  92. Pres. Ronald Reagan Sharing A Soldier’s Pledge
  93. We Will Remember
  94. Sometimes He Calms the Storm
  95. When God Says “No”
  96. The Only Soul-Saver, Sin-Forgiver, Chain-Breaker, Pain-Taker, Way-Maker, Hope-Giver: Jesus
  97. Because He Rose: Amazing Grace!
  98. The Days of Darkness
  99. Light in the Darkness
  100. Extravagant Love that Captures our Hearts
  101. Ponder the Prophecies of Jesus’ Mission
  102. A-Z Proof of Love That Never Fades
  103. Which Presidents Prayed and Professed Faith in God?
  104. I Resolve To…
  105. A Hidden Message Found in the Piano’s Pause
  106. Pause to Find Hope
  107. Pause to Receive God’s Promises
  108. Pause to See Jesus
  109. A Boastful Christmas Letter
  110. Remembering Our Nation’s Heroes
  111. Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?
  112. Measured By Our Words
  113. Distressed and Despairing? You’re not alone!
  114. If Pre-borns Could Talk: A Conversation in the Womb
  115. Max McLean as C. S. Lewis: Lost in the Midst of an Unsettled Sea
  116. The Light in the Darkness of 9/11
  117. The Equation of Life: Life = Labor + Leisure
  118. Obituary: The Death of Common Sense
  119. If This Doesn’t Make You Smile, Nothing Will
  120. “To the Moon and Back”
  121. Red Blood, Red Bible and Reds Baseball?
  122. The Gospel of Mark Comes Alive with Actor Max McLean
  123. CS Lewis Proclaimed There Is No Other Way
  124. 7 Things All Christians Must Remember
  125. Memories in the Cloud
  126. But If Not …the Faith of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Daniel 3)
  127. Two Women—Two Stories—Two Songs: Hannah & Mary
  128. God’s Prescription for Mother’s Day
  129. Three Sure Signs of Spring
  130. The Names of Jehovah hidden in Psalm 23! This will surprise you!
  131. Following the Good, Great, and Chief Shepherd (Psalm 22, 23, 24)
  132. Peter and the wolf?
  133. The Totem of Salvation
  134. Terrorism Crimes Escalated in 2015 and the Media Doesn’t Have a Clue
  135. Tears & Cheers: Three Nays and Three Yeas
  136. Peace Delivers Hope to a World in Sin
  137. Promise Ignites Hope
  138. Preparation Produces Hope: Get Prepared!
  139. Prophesy Reveals Hope
  140. A Thanksgiving Lesson from a New York Courtroom & Mayor Laguardia
  141. Reasons to Reason
  142. 40 Years Ago: A Lesson from the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
  143. A Great Christian Song for Halloween
  144. No Thorns on the Rose in the Garden of Eden?
  145. iSad….There’s No App for That
  146. Application in ConversaTION
  147. What to think this 9/11?
  148. What’s the most amazing proclamation of the gospel in nature? The Buttefly!
  149. Labor to Balance
  150. Are you groaning tonight?
  151. What you need to know about Sanctification & Glorification
  152. The Gift of Salvation: Justification & Imputation (Imputed Righteousness)
  153. Revelation of SalvaTION, Propitiation & Expiation
  154. Reformation vs Regeneration
  155. Be Careful Little Eyes What You See — Imitation
  156. Words from the White House about our Christian Nation
  157. Temptation
  158. The best eulogy to remember a father!
  159. Who Is My Kith and Kin?
  160. See Jesus on every page of the Bible!
  161. Forget Not…Three Remembrances on Memorial Day
  162. “Brass tacks” & Michael Jordan
  163. The Boldness of a Child of God
  164. Who is Sweet Jacob?
  165. Suicide Article Response-A Testimony of Faith
  166. Old Fashioned trumps Fifty Shades of Grey
  167. Iwo Jima, Moses and US
  168. Fifty Shades of Grey? A Christian Alternative
  169. Alone at Christmas? Feeling lonely?
  170. His Sufficient Grace, by Shari Abbott
  171. What is Sweeter Than Halloween Candy?
  172. Confident Faith to FEAR NOT
  173. Be Careful With Your Eyes What You see!
  174. Is the Monkey at Your Gate?
  175. The Silence of the Lambs…in America
  176. Go and Do, Get it Done…There’s a Better Way!
  177. The Most Important Five Points for All Christians
  178. Are you keeping a scorecard?
  179. Be a Romans 12 Christian
  180. God, Country & Lady Liberty
  181. Jesus wept. Why? And…it’s not the shortest verse in the Bible!
  182. Is there a nomad, prodigal or exile in your life?
  183. My greatest enemy is…ME!
  184. Hope! What is it good for? Absolutely…
  185. Jesus didn’t take away your brain. Get Wisdom from the Book of Proverbs
  186. A Three-way Run
  187. He’s back….and it changed everything!
  188. A Walk Through Holy Week with Jesus
  189. The Wizard of Oz and God
  190. Forgetting is the Root of Apostasy
  191. The devil made me do it!
  192. What is your hedge of protection?
  193. Lessons from a NYC Taxi Driver
  194. A Resolution with Guaranteed Results
  195. Alone, Yet Not Alone by Joni Eareckson Tada
  196. Remembering those who went to be with the Lord in 2013
  197. 10 Reasons for HOPE in 2014
  198. Do you have the “joy of your Lord” now?
  199. What if 2013 was NOT a good year?
  200. Another reason God came to dwell with man.
  201. How can you have a white Christmas without snow?
  202. Christmas, abortion and Joseph, the forgotten man of Christmas
  203. Remember the Wonder of Christmas
  204. Is your heart clean? Psalm 51
  205. Is there treasure in your house?
  206. Where is your glory?
  207. What makes you cry?
  208. Prepare to Die!
  209. Three Groans
  210. Do you find contentment in the Lord?
  211. Who do you need to reconcile with today?
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