While this song is a show tune, and not all the lyrics inspire us, the name of the song reminds us that times when loved ones leave us. Death is certain for all, and yet for Christians, it is not the end. It is “as if we never say goodbye” because those who are in Christ do not die. They simply move to their heavenly home and await the arrival of brothers and sisters in Christ who remain on this earth.
What hope! What promise! What joy! Thank You, Jesus!
There is a stanza in the song that does inspire and reminds us of the promised hope of Heaven:

I don’t want to be alone that’s all in the past
This world’s waited long enough
I’ve come home at last


Read the story of the pianist who performed the song — a battle with cancer, a Saviour who sustained Him, and joy in the midst of suffering.

The Diagnosis:  Cancer Hope: I Am Not Afraid
Update – 14 Months Later: Facing Terminal Cancer with Hope & Joy
The Final Chapter: When the Battle is Lost but the Victory is Won — Saying Goodbye to Tad
You’ll Never Walk Alone (video)

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