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The apostle Peter writes,

  • “For Christ also died for our sins once for all, the Just for the unjust, in order that He might bring us to God, having been put to death in the flesh, and made alive in the spirit” (I Peter 3:18 – NASB)

As we worshipped Sunday morning I became acutely aware of all that Jesus has done for me. The music and its words caused my emotions to well up inside me and I felt the tears come to my eyes. I have sinned so greatly against Him . . . I am so “unjust!” I wondered how anyone so pure and right and holy and good could ever love someone like me. 
But the Holy Spirit brings His word to my mind and I am filled with joy in the affirmation that “Christ . . . died for our sins,” and He did it “once for all.” He, “the Just” died “for the unjust” . . . . and brethren, that’s me, “the unjust.” And He did it “in order that He might bring us to God.” Oh the old hymn is so very true . . . . . 

  • “O how He loves you and me,
  • O how He loves you and me, 
  • He gave His life, what more could He give?
  • O how He loves you; Oh how He loves me; O how He loves you and me!”

I could not help but be moved in my spirit, moved to praise Him, to give thanks to Him! I am an emotional person, seemingly more as I grow older, and I was overwhelmed by the knowledge of what Jesus has willingly done so that I, so very “unjust,” might be reconciled to God . . . . Oh how He has loved us! 
Does it not stir your spirit also? The “Just for the unjust!” The King of glory dying “for our sins!” I tell you brethren I pray I never cease to recognize where I was and where He has brought me! I pray it never ceases to amaze me, never ceases to cause my emotions to well up within me! I pray I will always be stirred in my spirit to love and adoration of Him who suffered what I deserved to suffer that He “might bring (me) to God.”
O how He has loved us!

Take a minute now and hear the words of this beautiful song.  Let them resound in your mind as you walk through your day today.  Recall to mind that you the unjust one, have been marvelously redeemed from the penalty due your sin by He who is the Just One . . . the Just for the unjust!

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