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  1. Just the Beginning of You, by Charles Billingsley

  2. We All Know What it Feels Like to Lose

  3. Night At the Creation Museum, from Creation Today

  4. The Gate of the Year: A Message to a Troubled Nation

  5. Is Your Thanksgiving Glass ½ Empty or ½ Full?

  6. What Did President Reagan Say About Racism, Marxism, and God?

  7. Where Do You Find Significance in Your Life?

  8. Was Queen Elizabeth a Christian? Is She Now in Heaven?

  9. What is Workaholism?

  10. Does Your Soul Find Rest in God? Psalm 62

  11. Wherever You Are, Whatever You’ve Done, God Loves You!

  12. Fully Known AND Fully Loved? Really?

  13. Who Am I? The Identity Bell

  14. His Be The Victor’s Name (The Vile Accuser Roars)

  15. If You’ve Blown It, What’s Next?

  16. Why Does God Allow Thorns in Our Flesh?

  17. Steward Your Failures to Serve God and Others — Psalm 51:13-15

  18. You Are Not Alone

  19. Not Guilty Anymore, Not Filthy Anymore by Aaron Keyes

  20. Have you ever felt desperate for forgiveness? Psalm 51

  21. Thank You, God, for Freedom

  22. The Unveiling of God in Creation and Redemption — Psalm 19 by Tullian Tchividjian

  23. How to Read the Psalms?

  24. Is Jesus in the Psalms?

  25. There Was Jesus, by Dolly Parton & Zach Williams

  26. That’s My King! Genuine Praise & Real Hope

  27. Thank You Jesus for the Blood

  28. Memorial Day Bagpipes Tribute: Amazing Grace

  29. Two Minute Tribute to Those Who Gave Their All -President Reagan 1982

  30. Who Was William Cowper? What’s the Story Behind “There is a Fountain Filled with Blood”

  31. You Only Have One Mother –A One Minute Mother’s Day Video Poem

  32. Who was Isaac Watts? What’s the Story Behind “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross?”

  33. Who Was Charles Wesley? What’s the Story Behind “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”

  34. Why Did Jesus Weep on Palm Sunday?

  35. Who Was John Newton? What’s the Story Behind “Amazing Grace”

  36. Who Was Robert Robinson? What’s the Story Behind “Come Thou Fount”

  37. When We are Afraid, What Can Love Do?

  38. Fear He is a Liar – Video

  39. Christian and Islamic Eschatology

  40. How Great Thou Art, by Jennifer Nettles & John Glossen with Hubble Telescope Pictures- Amazing!

  41. How Great Thou Art, by Laren Daigle – Acoustic – with Hubble Telescope Pictures

  42. “I Have a Dream” — Martin Luther King Jr. Quoted Amos & Isaiah

  43. For Days of Auld Lang Syne

  44. A Baby Changes Everything

  45. The Most Beautiful O Holy Night, O Night Divine: it is the night of our dear Savior’s Birth

  46. The Most Beautiful Silent Night, Holy Night

  47. While You Were Sleeping — A Wake Up Call for America

  48. Mary, Did You Know?

  49. Thanksgiving As We Pass Through the Seasons of Life

  50. Thanksgiving When the Sun Doesn’t Always Shine

  51. What are the Three Reformation Hymns of Martin Luther?

  52. Rock of Ages by Fernando Ortega

  53. Remember 9/11 – Cry Out to Jesus – The Answer for All Who Suffer

  54. An Independence Day Prayer

  55. 24 Reasons Why I Love America, by John Wayne

  56. Is Man Obsolete? Is Logic an Enemy and Truth a Menace? from the Twilight Zone

  57. Not by Might, Not by Power, By My Spirit says the Lord (Zechariah 4:6)

  58. A Tribute to Mothers on Mother’s Day

  59. What are the Names of God Hidden in Psalm 23?

  60. The Centurion’s Song: Surely, This Was A Righteous Man

  61. What Might Judas be Thinking About in Hell?

  62. Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?

  63. Creation Cries Hosannah

  64. COVID-19 — One Year Later — Ready to Move On

  65. How Should You Observe Lent? Reflect and Prepare

  66. Do You Have Peace in Our Troubled World? (John 16:33)

  67. God is Preeminent, Personal, Permanent, and Pastoral – Psalm 48:14

  68. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day – Story and Song Video (lyricist: Longfellow)

  69. Mary’s Child — from the movie, A Christmas Wish

  70. The Sacrifice Began (How Many Kings)

  71. This Thanksgiving — 2020 Covid Struggles

  72. How Can You Help a Seeker Find Jesus?

  73. Always Remember September 11 ( 9/11 Tribute )

  74. The Day of Pentecost

  75. Grateful for Our Heroes – Memorial Day Tribute

  76. Jesus is Enough — Even When Stricken with Cancer

  77. A Tribute to Mother from the Bible

  78. AMAZING! Choir Together yet Social Distancing on Easter 2020 during COVID 19

  79. Christian Hallelujah or Cohen’s Hallelujah?

  80. Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow — A New Version of the Doxology!

  81. Because He is Risen

  82. The Prayer — Guide Us With Faith; Give Us Grace; Keep Us Safe

  83. Blessed is the King — A Palm Sunday Video

  84. Do you want to be BORN AGAIN? What Must You Do to Be SAVED?

  85. The Prayer of St. Patrick

  86. The Gate of the Year Video

  87. You’ll Never Walk Alone – Music by Tad Lawrence

  88. Even If by Mercy Me

  89. A Mighty Fortress is Our God – A Contemporary Rendition

  90. To God Be The Glory! Sung in a Contemporary Worship Style

  91. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty

  92. You’ve Discovered You Are Pregnant…Now What?

  93. Handel’s Messiah: Hallelujah Chorus by the Hallelujah Monks

  94. Have YOU Heard About this Baby Boy? Christmas Version of Cohen’s Hallelujah?

  95. Oh, What a Gift!

  96. What Child Is This? by Martina McBride

  97. Good News to All People: God in a Manger

  98. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing – Charlie Brown Christmas

  99. What is the Legend of the Candy Cane?

  100. Our Thanksgiving Overflows – Video

  101. Truth for a New Generation Conference Videos

  102. Is the Bible the Word of God?

  103. What are Martin Luther’s Five Solas of the Reformation?

  104. Christian Music in an Airport???

  105. Agnus Dei – Holy is the Lord God Almighty

  106. Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin

  107. No Greater Love: In Memory of Our Fallen Heroes

  108. All Gave Some and Some Gave All – Our Fallen Heroes

  109. Mom’s Amazing Love

  110. Walk By Faith video

  111. Schroeder Plays “Jesus Loves Me” for Lucy Van Pelt

  112. A Place in the Sun (Son)

  113. Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Alleluiah!- Schroeder & Lucy

  114. Sadness and Despair: The Darkest Days of All Time

  115. What caused the centurion to say: “Surely This Was a Righteous Man”

  116. The Basin and the Towel – video

  117. Maundy Thursday until Easter Sunday

  118. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

  119. As If We Never Say Goodbye — Music by Tad Lawrence

  120. God is Amazing, So Divine – Pictures from the Hubble Telescope

  121. How Great Thou Art with Images from the Hubble Telescope

  122. Formed by His Hand – Made for His Plan (Pro-life video)

  123. A New Year, A New Hope, It’s My Year – Guaranteed to Make You Smile!

  124. What If You Had Been There When Jesus Was Born? Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Krueger’s Christmas

  125. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day song video

  126. Do You Get These 7 Things Right or Wrong About the Nativity Story?

  127. The First Noel – Born is the King of Israel, by Carrie Underwood

  128. December 25th: The Christ Candle

  129. 4. Advent Candle of Peace

  130. 3. Advent Candle of Joy

  131. 2. Advent Candle of Love

  132. 1. Advent Candle of Hope

  133. Thank You, Lord

  134. Remembering All Veterans on Veterans Day

  135. Pres. Reagan Tells: WHY PEACE FAILS

  136. A Mighty Fortress is Our God – A Traditional Rendition

  137. From the Depths of Woe

  138. Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory!

  139. Pray for Children

  140. Thriving While Living with Pancreatic Cancer

  141. God Cares About Your Work and Your Rest

  142. Breathe – Just Breathe – by Jonny Diaz

  143. God’s Prescription for Work

  144. TNG Radio: Alex McFarland Interview with Shari Abbott

  145. What If You Die Today?

  146. East to West by Casting Crowns

  147. 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

  148. “Control” (The King of Heaven Wants Me)

  149. Fear is a Liar, by Zach Williams

  150. Who Am I? — by Casting Crowns

  151. Blessed Assurance by Fanny Crosby – Video

  152. The Verse Every Father Must Know

  153. A Tribute to Dads on Father’s Day

  154. A Little Girl’s Prayer for Her Daddy

  155. Dads Are A Work of Art

  156. Thank You Mom

  157. Mothers Are A Gift From God (video)

  158. Testify to Love

  159. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

  160. I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me

  161. Glorious Day

  162. Because He Lives, I Can Face Tomorrow

  163. Darkness Over the Land

  164. A Heart for God Revealed in St. Patrick’s Prayer (video)

  165. Won’t You Be Mine

  166. Lent Reflections

  167. This Time Called Lent

  168. Prepare for Lent

  169. True Love is Jesus

  170. He Loves Me

  171. Love One Another

  172. Before Time Began. . .

  173. A New Year, A New Beginning

  174. Songs of Christmas: We Three Kings

  175. The Story of Christmas

  176. A Saviour is Born

  177. Christmas Trivia Fun

  178. Give an Invitation to HOPE this Christmas!

  179. Songs of Christmas: In the Bleak Midwinter- “Give Him My Heart”

  180. With Open Hearts We Give Thanks

  181. Are You One of the Thankful People

  182. Absolutely Useless Turkey Trivia

  183. Great is the Lord

  184. God’s Masterpiece (Pro-life video)

  185. The Miracle of Life (Pro-life video)

  186. Books of the Bible: Old and New Testaments

  187. God’s Prescription for Work

  188. What a Beautiful Name: Three Renditions of the Beautiful Name of Jesus

  189. We Lift Our Hands in the Sanctuary

  190. Books of the Bible with Video Summaries

  191. How Great Thou Art

  192. What a Beautiful Name

  193. Dependent Independence – 4th of July, Independence Day

  194. The Land of the Free

  195. Cool Dads Make Sacrifices

  196. Thank You, Dads

  197. Do It Their Way?

  198. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

  199. Pres. Ronald Reagan Sharing A Soldier’s Pledge

  200. We Will Remember

  201. What does it mean to live your life as a testimony for Jesus? 3 Steps!

  202. God Bless Moms — Happy Mother’s Day

  203. 15 Things Mom Taught Me & 1 from Dad!

  204. 21st Century Modern-day Media Mom

  205. Mother: Sounds A Lot Like Jesus

  206. God Chose You To Be Their Mother

  207. His Great Name

  208. Open Your Eyes to The Full Gospel

  209. Keep Easter Alive in Your Heart: HE CAME BACK

  210. Because He Rose: Amazing Grace!

  211. To God be the Glory

  212. Kids Say the Darndest Things

  213. Super Bowl – Bible Quiz – Game

  214. Which Presidents Prayed and Professed Faith in God?

  215. I Resolve To…

  216. Pause to Receive God’s Promises

  217. Pause to See Jesus

  218. Pause to Hear God’s Plan

  219. Give Thanks to the Lord

  220. Pause to Pray for Children

  221. Looking for Jesus

  222. The Gospel of Mark Comes Alive with Actor Max McLean

  223. Happy Father’s Day

  224. Memories in the Cloud

  225. Memorial Day Remembrance

  226. But If Not …the Faith of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Daniel 3)

  227. God’s Prescription for Mother’s Day

  228. What you need to know about Sanctification & Glorification

  229. The Gift of Salvation: Justification & Imputation (Imputed Righteousness)

  230. Revelation of SalvaTION, Propitiation & Expiation

  231. Reformation vs Regeneration

  232. Be Careful Little Eyes What You See — Imitation

  233. Temptation

  234. Video Teachings from the Book of Job:

  235. What are the Deadly “Ds” of Suffering – The Book of Job

  236. When Suffering, What Do You Really Need?

  237. What is Grief? The Best Definition

  238. Each New Morn, New Widows Howl, New Orphans Cry, New Sorrows Strike Heaven Upon the Face

  239. The Road from Knowing About God to Knowing God is Paved in Suffering

  240. Tears and Trust Can Exist Side by Side   

  241. What Was Job’s Greatest Loss? This Might Surprise You!

  242. What Good Comes from Suffering and Loss?

  243. What is Good Counseling to Those Who Weep?

  244. No Matter Who You Are or What You’ve Done, God Wants You

  245. How do we get ourselves clean? Job’s friends’ view or God’s answer?

  246. Where Did Job’s Friends Go Wrong?

  247. We All Know What it Feels Like to Lose

  248. How Do We Recover From Being Like Job’s Friends?

  249. Unconditional Love Given to an Undeserving Person by an Unobligated Giver

  250. How Can You Endure Rejection

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