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Have you ever read the chapters in the Bible that contain all the names? Have you ever considered some of those names? For instance,

  • “And the sons of Neariah were Eloenai, Hizkiah, and Azrikam, three.” (I Chronicles 3:23 – NASB)

“Eloenai’s” name is in a very long list of names given here in the first book of Chronicles. Dr. Henry Morris writes regarding the recording of this name and so many others,

  • “In fact, it is significant that the Bible contains the proper names of more individuals than can be found in all the other books of antiquity put together — strong evidence of its historical authenticity.”

Real names of real people, and God had them recorded in His book for a very good reason. For He does not act aimlessly. Names that speak of real people who God intended that they not go unnoticed. 
The Hebrews were a people that found a great deal of significance in a name. And that is highlighted for us in our text, using just the name of “Eloenai” as our example. “Neariah,” who was an ancient descendant of David, whose name meant, “servant of the LORD,” named one of his sons, “Eloenai.” In looking to the meaning of this name we can note just how important this matter of naming one’s child was. The meaning of this name bears witness of a father, a “servant of the LORD,” as he named his first-born son. “Eloenai” means, “turning your eyes to the mighty God.”
Maybe “Neariah” wanted to be reminded by his son’s name just what he needed to do as a father, every day . . . . to turn his eyes to God Almighty. 
Little else is known about “Eloenai,” but it is noteworthy what the meaning of his name is and that God had it recorded in His holy book. It is for sure a most meaningful name. One can only wonder what became of him, whether he ever fully grasped the very importance of his name, the full meaning of it. 
One thing can be taken from the meaning of “Eloenai”s” name for us today, a message from it that is urgent to you and I and for that matter, all of mankind . . . the need to “turn our eyes to the mighty God!” The very meaning of “Eloenai’s” name speaks to us in the day in which we live. 
The Hebrew people found importance in naming their children and God honored that by having these names forever settled in His Word. We tend to overlook that when we get to these long lists of names. 
Have a good day brethren . . . and as you walk make note that nothing is recorded by the Holy Spirit in God’s Word without a purpose.

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