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The apostle John was not one to cower when it came to defending the truth. In his first letter he wrote,

  • “If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth” (I John 1:6 – NKJV)

It is not an easy thing to call someone a liar, to say to them, “You lie.” But when it comes to essential matters, matters concerning the very soul of man, the Bible makes it quite clear that there is no room for a “lie.” Whether or not a soul is headed for heaven or headed for hell is no light thing, nothing to be ignored if someone makes an effort to distort the very message that deals with one’s eternal destination. John was dealing with those who were in amongst true believers and trying to deceive them to accept a “lie” (cf. 2:26). When it came to defending “the truth,” the apostle John, the son of thunder, was never one to allow the “lie” to go unchallenged.

How about you? If you know that someone is speaking a “lie,” or by their behavior denying “the truth”. . . do you speak up? Would you speak up?

I remember the day two Jehovah Witnesses came to my apartment door. I sparred with them verbally, challenging their “lie” with “the truth.” They eventually left my door and proceeded to go to a neighbor’s door. I followed them! These merchants of false teaching were not going to be unchallenged if I had anything to say about it. I informed my neighbor just who these people were that wanted them to listen to their message. I informed my neighbor that they were wolves in sheep’s clothing, people who carried a “lie” from door to door, a “lie” that had to do with essential spiritual matters. Then I looked at these purveyor’s of this false gospel and told them to leave our building. They fired back at me but I assured them that no matter what door they went to I would be there to call them out. Result: they went stomping out of the building, yelling at me as they went, threatening to call the authorities.  

The apostle John was my tutor in standing up against these people who “walk in darkness” but say they don’t. The Jehovah Witnesses continue to this day to spread their false gospel, their false message that at its very core is a “lie.” When we are able, we should always confront their “lie” with “the truth.” 

We should be defenders of that which God has committed to us, His “truth” (cf. II Timothy 1:13-14). We find our example in the Scriptures, in the apostle John. 

John made no apology for calling out those who made a claim of having “fellowship” with Christ, when it was evident by their behavior (the word “walk” literally means, “how one orders their behavior”) they were lying. Our reaction should be no different.

Without trivializing it, the quip “Liar, liar, your soul is on fire” is a fact for anyone who would corrupt and pervert “the truth” of God.

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