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Have you been to Psalm 37 and noted the counsel God gives? It is counsel that is for the believer, and it serves to give us a good sense of direction, a calm, a sense of well-being as we read it, several of the verses starting with words that can greatly impact our walk in a new day. 
It starts with,

  • “Do not fret . . . ” (Psalm 37:1 – NASB)

The word “fret” speaks of “anger, burning, being hot, incensed, wroth” (Strong). The counsel of the Lord is that we are not to be burning in anger, being hot-headed so-to-say, incensed . . . .

  • “. . . because of evildoers.” (Psalm 37:1 – NASB)

We are not to be “fretting” over the wicked, the “wrongdoers” (V-1), the ones who are out there in the world who seem to make themselves obstacles to our day. David, in the midst of being greatly troubled by those who were against him, penned such words as the Holy Spirit led him. This was counsel from God to His servant and subsequently, to us also. We need to take note that instead of “fretting” we are to do this . . . . 

  • “Trust in the LORD” (Psalm 37:3 – NASB)

We are to do this . . . . 

  • “Delight (ourselves) in the LORD” (Psalm 37:4 – NASB)

We are to do this . . . . 

  • “Commit (our) way to the LORD” (Psalm 37:5 – NASB)

We are to do this . . . .

  • “Rest in the LORD” (Psalm 37:7 – NASB)

And finally, we are to do this . . . . 

  • “Wait for the LORD” (Psalm 37:34 – NASB)

Years ago a great Bible teacher, Dr. Harold Wilmington, pointed out this counsel to me. I immediately underlined and highlighted them in my Bible, for they are good counsel for the day from our Father in heaven, and for that matter, good counsel for every day.
Take care brethren to take in this good counsel from God’s Word. Think upon it, meditate upon it . . . apply it to your walk.

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