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Can You Pray St Patrick’s Prayer?

For many St. Patrick’s Day is nothing more than a party. But the prayer of St. Patrick reminds us of so much more than fun and frivolity. His beautiful words will touch your heart and give rest to your soul. Read and watch now!

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You’ll Never Walk Alone

When life’s storms rage, there’s a calm to be found — and it’s a hope in your heart. That Hope is named Jesus.  He will never leave or forsake you (Heb 13:5), so you will never walk alone.

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Even If by Mercy Me

Sometimes you win some. Sometimes you lose. In all things, can you say “it is well with my soul?” Watch the video, listen to the words by Mercy Me, find peace, comfort, and rest in God.

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Has Jesus CHANGED Your Life?

Christians are completely transformed. They are changed! Has Jesus changed your life?  Take a short test to determine if you are a new creation in Christ?

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Savor the Moments

A beautiful poem about the moments of life, written by a woman whose father-in-law was suffering with cancer, knowing he would not be cured.

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A Christmas Morning Prayer

On Christmas morning take time to come to the cradle. Read this poem by legendary author Robert Louis Stevenson and pray this prayer with us.

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A Place in the Sun (Son)

“A Place in the Sun,” by Stevie Wonder and Tom Jones, can also be thought of as “A Place in the SON!” This is a fun song that reminds us of our Blessed Hope.

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Will you remember?

Columbine – 20 years after one of the most horrific school shootings. Remember the precious lives that were lost that day and the testimony of faith from two of the victims.

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As If We Never Say Goodbye — Music by Tad Lawrence

The time comes when we must say goodbye to loved ones. Death is certain for all and yet for Christians, it is not the end. Those who are in Christ do not die. They simply move to their heavenly home and await the arrival of brothers and sisters in Christ who remain on this earth. What hope! What promise! What joy! Thank You, Jesus!

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Been There, Done That — A Lesson from the Groundhog

Groundhog Day comes every year (Feb 2) and every year the groundhog appears to look for his shadow.  Some years he sees his shadow and others he does not, which predicts if  winter days will repeat or spring is coming soon.  There’s a lesson to learn from Groundhog Day about our repeatable actions.

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