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Saved by the Bell

A popular Internet forward is a “bell” that “rings” the sounds of identity in Jesus Christ. What a melodious sound. This bell should be “rung” every day.

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Seven Benefits of Knowing God

Thanksgiving is a day set apart for remembering all the things for which we are thankful. Psalm 103 reminds us of the blessings from the Lord, calling them benefits. What are the seven benefits that we should be thankful every day?

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Even If by Mercy Me

Sometimes you win some. Sometimes you lose. In all things, can you say “it is well with my soul?” Watch the video, listen to the words by Mercy Me, find peace, comfort, and rest in God.

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10. A Stone of Praise

Stone number ten is a stone of praise and it’s found along the road that led into the city of Jerusalem. Read about the significance of this stone.

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7. A Stone of Deliverance and Memorial in Joshua

Perhaps no stone memorial is as well known as the stones at Gilgal, on the shore of the Jordan—a memorial of 12 stones piled high to memorialize who God is and His deliverance of His people from the wilderness into the Promised Land (Joshua 4).

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The White House: Shrouded in Color or Covered in God’s Word?

Remember the day in June 2015 when the White House was shrouded in color? (only six colors, it wasn’t a rainbow) Long before that day in 2015, and even until our time, our nation’s White House has been covered in something else–the providential blessings of God and the presence of His Word.

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*Christ in you, the hope of glory.  Colossians 1:27
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