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Who Said That?

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A house divided cannot stand. Am I my brother’s keeper? Laughter is the best medicine. No rest for the wicked. A little birdie told me. Going to Hell in a hand basket. At my wit’s end. Apple of my eye.

Find out who said those things (and 134 other sayings) in our popular Who Said That? book.

We all say them… short phrases that convey a message. Those little, common, everyday sayings that often consist of figurative language always have a well understood meaning. Many of them have been popular for centuries, so it’s no surprise that they find their origins in the words of the Bible.

Who Said That? Common everyday sayings...

Do you want to give the Good Book to non-believing friends, but they just don’t want it? Give them a book that reveals phrases and sayings that come from the Bible. This just might open their eyes and generate interest to learn more of what God's Word has to say.

The book will equip Christians to recognize sayings that originate in the Bible, so, when they hear them, they can respond with, “Who said that?” Then they can share the biblical origin and turn the conversation to one of spiritual importance.

This book can also serve as a type of “tract” for your non-believing family and friends. It’s simply a look at the origins of sayings...until the last few pages. The book closes with the saying, “Yada, yada, yada,” which means “you know, you know, you know.” The statement is then made:

“God knows [yada] you” and the question is asked “Do you know [yada] God?”

The question is followed by a gospel presentation and an invitation to repent and trust in Christ, making this book a simple way to share the gospel with an unsaved (and often uninterested or unwilling-to-listen) friend.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: SHARI ABBOTT, executive director of Reasons for Hope* Jesus, is an avid Bible reader and teacher. She is passionate about equipping and encouraging Christians to know Jesus better and to love Him more. Shari is the author of the books, Why the Butterfly? A Book About Rightly Remembering, Remember Me – A Course In Rightly Remembering, Who Said That? Common everyday sayings…where do they come from? Got Questions? We have Reasons for Hope (Reasons Books 1, 2, 3 & 5), Fun with Shuns (biblical words ending in -tion), How to Witness to Jehovah’s Witnesses, Hear, See, Speak & Post No Evil, and A Room with a View of Eternity. Foreword by Alex McFarland

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