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From the Revelation of Christ we read,

“I, Jesus . . . I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star” (Revelation 22:16 – KJV)

As I listened to the song this early morn, as I took in its words, I thought of this text . . . . I thought of my Lord, He who is the “the bright and morning star.” What a wonderful title, so appropriate for our majestic King.

The song I was listening to is titled, Morning Star. Allow me to share its words with you for your morning,

“This day’s a desert full of frights, Morning Star, oh Morning Star;
And I must cross it before the night; bright and Morning Star.

The day can be too much for me, Morning Star, oh Morning Star;
Be Thou my vision so I can see; Oh, bright and Morning Star, bright and Morning Star.

Now like a beacon come and blaze, Morning star, oh Morning Star;
Lead on Good Shepherd through the maze; bright and Morning Star, oh bright and Morning Star.


Come rise and shine in Your holiness, oh radiant Son of Righteousness,
and warn Your people both near and far,
and shine through us oh Morning Star, shine through us oh Morning Star.”

Surely Christ is “the bright and morning star.” He is most surely the One who gives us the necessary light that we might have the “vision so” that we “can see” as we make our trek across the day so “full of frights.” Oh blessed be the name of the “the bright and morning star.”

In Second Peter 1:19 Jesus is referred to as “the day star” (KJV), or “morning star” (NASB, NKJV). This is one word in the Greek, phosphoros, literally meaning, “light bearer or light-bringer.” John MacArthur writes,
“Christians today have the light of Christ within their hearts. When Jesus returns to earth, He will bring all believers into a perfect day. His outward coming will bring light to all people. On this day, the spirits of the godly will take on ‘an illuminating transformation’ as the light of Christ fills them.”

Often “the day can be too much” for us, can it not? May it be our prayer for the day until that Day, that in this world of sin, in this darkness, “oh radiant Son of Righteousness,” You who are the “bright and morning star,” may it be that You are the One who “shines” in me “so I can see” and thus be able to navigate “a desert full of frights,:

Have a good day brethren . . . and may the bright and morning star, may His light shine brightly in you and through you.

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