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Jesus, as He prays to the Father, reveals one of His desires for His church, “Sanctify them by Your truth, Your word is truth” (John 17:17)

Now, I’ve referenced this verse many times in my teaching, often noting the word “truth.” In revisiting these words of our Lord let us once again turn our attention to it and do so with the intent of dealing with a very important question: “What Is Absolute Truth?”

In this age of postmodernism, it is certain that if you speak about truth in the public arena, and dare to claim that there is an absolute truth, you can be sure you are opening yourself up for a hearty debate. The world we live in senses they have moved on beyond anything being absolute truth, and they will readily bend your ear with arguments intending to dislodge you from your belief that there might actually be such a thing.

Our Lord, states emphatically, that the Word of God is truth. And based on who He is, we His disciples, better be willing to take a bold stand regarding this matter and apply ourselves to being able to deal with the question: “What Is Absolute Truth?”

I have written in my Bible an excellent explanation of absolute “truth” as put into words by Josh McDowell and Bob Hostetler in their book, “Right From Wrong.” Note:

  • What Is Absolute Truth? – “That which is true for all people for all times, for all places. Ordinances change, regulations expire, some laws only apply in certain states. An ‘absolute truth,’ on the other hand, is objective, universal, and constant.”

An “absolute truth . . . transcends time.” If it was true at one time it remains true at the present time, no matter whether it be today, tomorrow, or beyond.

It is interesting to note that postmodern thought, for the most part, leaves determining truth up to the individual. And this, of course, allows personal opinion to direct one’s steps. It actually affects one’s way in which they behave, even how they determine right from wrong.

To my point, within the following context, note what McDowell and Hostetler write,

  • What Is It About Truth That Affects Behavior? – “When you believe there exists an objective standard for distinguishing right from wrong . . . . you acknowledge that there are fundamental moral and ethical guidelines that exist independently of your personal opinion. You acknowledge that the distinction between right and wrong is: (1) OBJECTIVE – defined outside ourselves – it is not subjectively determined. (2) UNIVERSAL – it is for all people in all places . . . it does not change from person to person or place to place. (3) CONSTANT – it is for all times . . . . it does not change from day to day.

They go on to say,

  • “When you accept an objective standard for truth, you adopt a moral and ethical viewpoint that guides your choices of what is right and what is wrong. Your ‘Truth View’ acts as a lens through which you see all of life and its many choices.”

It is not hard to come to the determination that if ones’ “Truth View” is not based on actual “truth,” there exists an unstable foundation upon which a person orders their life . . . because there is absolute “truth.” How do we know that? Jesus said it!

Again, the One we call Lord, who we believe to be incarnate God, He states that God’s “word is truth.” That would mean there is no scheming your way around it. Every individual that has lived, is living, and will live has to, on an individual basis, asks themselves the question: “What Is Absolute Truth?” Why? Because the most powerful voice that has ever been heard on this earth, past, present, and future has made it known that there is a truth and that that truth is absolute and is expounded upon in the Word of God.

“What Is Absolute Truth?” God’s Word, as so noted by the God/man . . . Jesus the Christ.

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