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From the book of the prophet Hosea we read,

  • “Ephraim is joined to idols: let him alone” (Hosea 4:17 – KJV)

It seems to this writer that one of the worst things, if not the worst, that could ever happen to a person, a people, a nation, would be for them to have reached a point where God no longer wants to deal with them in His favor, and He says of them, “let him alone.” 
The nations called “Ephraim,” had made a choice and was showing no signs of repentance, no sign of turning, having “joined” themselves “to idols” and determined to stay that course. And the Lord God said of them, “let him alone.” He said, “let . . . Ephraim . . . alone!” She was no longer to be dealt with graciously but was to be left to the judgment due her rebellion, having made choices that separated her from the mercy of God. 
“Ephraim” is “a collective term for the ten northern tribes of Israel.” They had reached a fatal point. Dr. Henry Morris writes, “They had become completely infatuated with the pantheistic polytheism of the nations, being ‘joined’ to their symbolic models of natural forces and all the immoral practices which accompanied such nature worship.” 
This word “joined,” in the Hebrew, means “to be fascinated with.” They were “fascinated with,” completely taken in by occult powers, the powers of nature gods and goddesses. They were at such a point that God had made known it was futile to try and reclaim them. They had reached a fatal point, and God said, “let him alone.”
Relevance? Think of our nation! It has been taken up with evolutionism and nature worship.  A nation committed to teaching our young that instead of being created by the Creator they have evolved from slime. A nation teaching them that they are to revere Mother Earth. A nation embracing the teaching of ungodly men and women whose philosophies wreak with occultic concepts and practices. Pantheistic humanism and New Age spiritualism fascinate the masses and there is the continued pursuit of that which elevates man to a godly status. The Creator is spurned and the nation, our nation, is “joined,” it is “fascinated with . . . idols.” 
It is a sobering message regarding “Ephraim.” In evaluating our nation against the backdrop of God’s Word there is a sobering similarity. Oh rue the time when God says to a nation, “let him alone,” for they have reached a fatal point.
Have a good day brethren . . . and as you walk be true to God and found faithful to His Word, as you move to and fro in a nation, a world, that has joined itself to idols.

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