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From the book of First Chronicles we read,

  • “As for you, my son Solomon, know the God of your father, and serve Him with a whole heart and a willing mind” (I Chronicles 28:9 – NASB)

You ever give out advice to someone? You know what I mean . . . it’s when you say, “Listen friend, I think you should do this or that;” in other words, “I think you should go there for a vacation,” or, “I would advise you to put your money in this stock,’ or, “I think you should purchase this brand and model of car.” It seems advice is something a lot of people are always ready to give. In this day in which you and I live there seems to be a never ending stream of those who desire to give us what they think is, good advice.  
When people around us seek to advise us it is smart to take the time to ponder that advice and determine whether it is something we want to actually follow or not. Let’s face it, advice is plentiful, but good advice . . . that seems to be a bit more rare, harder to come by. 
In my Bible there are underlined passages from one end of it to another. As I’ve read through it I’ve marked and highlighted many a passage that has to do with good advice. One might even describe it as, holy advice. The particular text that I’ve noted for today is one of those underlined and highlighted verses. 
King David gives good advice to his “son Solomon.” He tells him to,

  • “know the God of your father” – David advises his “son” to “know” his “God,” He who is “God.” The Hebrew word here for “know” means in this text, to “understand, perceive,” to actually “know intimately.” But don’t just “know” Him, also . . . . .
  • “serve Him” – David advises “Solomon” to “serve” the “God” that David has “served,” the Creator “God,” the “God” of the Scriptures. And David advises his “son” to “serve Him with a whole heart,” thus in effect, warning him not to “serve . . . God . . . . . half-heartedly.” And further, “serve Him with . . . a willing mind.” Desire to “serve Him” and train your “mind” to do so willingly. Make it your will, the will of your heart and “mind,” to do His will.

Good advice, would you not agree? Is this the kind of advice you give out? Is this the kind of advice you give to your spouse or your children or your grand children or maybe, your great grand children? How about to a friend? If not you may want to underline and highlight this passage in your Bible, meditate upon it and put it to memory, and when the opportunity to give advice comes, tell them what David advised his “son” to do.
Have a good day brethren . . . and as you walk and are given the opportunity to advise, think upon what it is God would have you give in the way of advice.

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