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Fun with Shuns (Biblical words ending in -tion)

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Do you know and understand all important biblical doctrines, like justification, sanctification, glorification, propitiation, expiation, imputation, temptation imitation, reformation, regeneration, revelation, salvation and more?

If you don't fully understand or can't readily explain these doctrines, have a little "Fun with Shuns" -- biblical words that end in -tion.

This fast and fun book and video study will help you more fully enjoy the gifts that Christ has given you and willl equip you to share your faith with others.

The book includes a DVD with five short videos to illustrate some of the words. Sixteen "shuns" are taught and a "Further Study" chapter helps in understanding many additional "-tion" doctrines in the Bible.

Gather a group of friends, or read the book and study independently...but either way, have some Fun with Shuns!

"Fun with Shuns" is also available as an iBook with videos embedded in the iBook.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: SHARI ABBOTT, executive director of Reasons for Hope* Jesus, is an avid Bible reader and teacher. She is passionate about equipping and encouraging Christians to know Jesus better and to love Him more. Shari is the author of the books, Why the Butterfly? A Book About Rightly Remembering, Remember Me – A Course In Rightly Remembering, Who Said That? Common everyday sayings…where do they come from? Got Questions? We have Reasons for Hope (Reasons Books 1 & 2), Fun with Shuns (biblical words ending in -tion) and How to Witness to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Shari and her husband Steve have two daughters and live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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