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From Matthew’s gospel, we read,

  • “A disciple is not above his teacher, nor is a slave above his master” (Matthew 10:24 – NASB)

Are you a believer, one born again of God’s spirit, a Christian? Then you are “a disciple” of the Lord Jesus Christ. And if you are “a disciple” then you apply yourself to following Christ, learning what He has to say in His Word and obeying what He has to say in His Word.
Discipleship is the mark of every true believer! Getting that discipleship right is something that needs to be a priority to us.  
There are truths regarding this discipleship in our text, certain truths that the Lord teaches us that are important for us to understand. Note the two-fold relationship we have with the Lord Jesus Christ . . . 

  1. We are the “disciple” and He is the “teacher” – The word “disciple” means “a learner, a pupil” (Zodhiates). The “disciple” of Christ is a “pupil” and Christ is the “teacher.” Jesus is the One who does the instructing to the “pupil.” Through His Word, the Bible, the Lord Jesus Christ teaches His “disciples.” It is our duty as “disciples” to be in the “teacher’s” Word and learning what our “teacher” has to teach us, and to believe what He teaches us, and to apply what He teaches us.
  2. We are the “slave” and He is the “master” – This word “slave” means just that! It is the Greek word doulos and it means, “one who is in a permanent relation of servitude to another, his will altogether consumed in the will of the other” (Zodhiates). This indicates that we are not our own but that we belong to Christ, He is our “Master” and we are his “slave,” given over to Him, His will, His way. The “disciple” has denied self, taken up their cross (indicating death to self) and is following Jesus, accepting that they are no longer the determining factor, the one with authority over their life . . . . the Lord Jesus Christ is. (Read: I Corinthians 6:15-20; Romans 6 and 14:7-9)

We the “disciple” are the “slave” who learns from the “teacher” and obeys the “master.” And the “teacher” and the “master” is the Lord Jesus Christ!
Getting discipleship right is a necessity! Real believers are set apart by real discipleship. They are the ones who willingly submit as “disciple” and “slave” to the “teacher” and the “master.”
Have a good day . . . and as you walk work on getting your discipleship right, knowing who it is that is your teacher and your master.

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