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David writes in his psalm,

  • “So I said, ‘Oh, that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.” (Psalm 55:6 – NKJV)

Like David, we often would like to just mount up on “wings like a dove” and “fly away and be at rest.” Why? It seems at times that problems and difficulties and trials and temptations are tough to deal with. Personal relationships can turn from being a comfort to being a burden, becoming a weight of concern that we would just like to get away from. 
In Psalm 55 David says to the Lord,

  • “Give ear to my prayer (in reality, his complaint), O God, and do not hide Yourself from my supplication. Attend to me, and hear me; I am restless in my complaint, and moan noisily.” (Psalm 55:1-2 – NKJV)

Things were just not going well for David. And it seems from the content of this psalm that he was heavily burdened by someone who he considered an ally, a friend. Evidently that someone had given him great cause to cry out to the Lord, to wish that he could, as they say, “beat feet” and get away from a most undesirable environment. As conditions seemed to call for great “complaint” David essentially said, “Get me out of here!” 

  • “For it is not an enemy who reproaches me; Then I could bear it. Nor is it one who hates me who has exalted himself against me; Then I could hide from him. But it was you, a man my equal, my companion and my acquaintance. We took counsel together, and walked to the house of God in the throng.” (Psalm 55:12-14 – NKJV)

Whether it be a relational issue or a health issue or a job-related issue or any kind of burden that can, at times, weigh us down, it is not wrong to call out to the Lord, to table our grievances, our “complaints.” What is most important brethren is that we understand where it is we get counsel from when we do complain about such things. Reality is that we cannot become “like a dove” and just “fly away.” Reality is that we cannot escape trials and tribulations (John 16:33). What Scriptural counsel says to each one of us is that we need to seek out the Lord in the midst of them. As David wrote,

  • “As for me, I will call upon God, and the LORD shall save me. Evening and morning and at noon I will pray, and cry aloud, and He shall hear my voice.” (Psalm 55:16-17 – NKJV)

A psalm of “complaint” by an inspired writer of the Scriptures serves as a help for what can be a troubled spirit. We can take away from this portion of God’s holy Word that the path we should take in the midst of our complaining is to “call upon God.” The path is not one of escapism but rather a running to the Lord . . . 

  • “Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you” (I Peter 5:7 – KJV)

Have a good day brethren . . . and as you know full well, everything doesn’t go along smoothly in this life, things are not always as we would desire them to be. In knowing this, set your heart to always seek out the precious counsel of the One who cares for you.

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