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Did you know brethren that we live in “perilous times?” In the apostle Paul’s last letter to his beloved son in the faith Timothy, he gave this insight to the young pastor,

  • “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come” (II Timothy 3:1 – NKJV)

As the apostle penned his final letter he assured his beloved disciple that, “perilous times will come.” You and I are in the know, for the Holy Spirit has revealed this to us in holy writ. We know now what Timothy knew then, and we know it is true, don’t we?
We know it is true because the characteristics of these “times” are listed by the Spirit in verses two through eight, and with a little discernment we can see that these things are most prevalent today, the day in which you and I live. I would challenge you to take note of them and then ask yourself, “Do these things not characterize our day? Are they not indeed, very evident?”
If you have done this, and if you are in agreement that these characteristics of “perilous times” are prevalent today then I would think your most obvious response would be a question . . . “Now that I know this Lord, what am I to do in these ‘last days,” these “perilous times?'”
The answer is in Paul’s words to young Timothy, words so written for our admonition also. Paul starts,

  • “But you . . .” (II Timothy 3:10 – NKJV)

Paul addresses the young preacher and the Spirit addresses the reader of Scripture; “But you . . .”

  • “carefully follow my doctrine” (We are to “carefully follow” the teaching of the Scriptures – cf. 3:14-17)
  • “carefully follow my . . . manner of life”
  • “carefully follow my . . . purpose”
  • “carefully follow my . . . faith”
  • “carefully follow my . . . longsuffering”
  • “carefully follow my . . . love”
  • “carefully follow my . . . perseverance”
  • “carefully follow my . . . persecutions” (Note here V-12)
  • “carefully follow my . . . afflictions” (One might say, “follow how I react when I am afflicted”) (II Timothy 3:10-11 – NKJV)

So, “in the last days,” in “perilous times,” what am I to do? I am to “carefully follow” the pattern of instruction given to me by the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures, characteristics that were evident in the apostle Paul. 
To be a Christian in this day, to be a Christian that is in the Word of God in this day, to be a Christian that desires to know the will of God in these “perilous times,” is to be a Christian that “follows” the pattern for life as laid out by God in His Word.
Have a good day. . . and I trust you will never cease to be a disciple who is carefully searching the Scriptures daily for its instruction in righteousness in these perilous times.


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