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It is a new day! And the Lord our God has chosen to give us the morning and possibly, the whole day. What do I mean by, “possibly?” 

  • “Alas for the day! For the day of the LORD is near, and it will come as destruction from the Almighty” (Joel 1:15 – NASB)

The day of man has run for thousands of years . . . it may seem to us it is a run that apparently is endless. But “Alas” writes the prophet Joel “for the day!” Because, “the day of the LORD is near.”
There is coming a “day” in which “Almighty” God will bring “destruction.” Dr. Henry Morris writes, “Our God of grace has been patient and long-suffering through the long years of human indifference and rebellion and wickedness, but His day is coming . . .”

  • “. . . for strong is He who carries out His word. The day of the LORD is indeed great and very awesome, and who can endure it?” (Joel 2:11 – NASB)

Other prophets have also written of this “day,”

  • “Near is the great day of the LORD, near and coming very quickly” (Zephaniah 1:14 – NASB)
  • “For the day is near, even the day of the LORD is near” (Ezekiel 30:3 – NASB)
  • “For the day of the LORD draws near on all the nations” (Obadiah 15 – NASB)

These prophets, by God’s divine hand, saw into the future, having visions of the coming “day of the LORD . . . the day of” Yaweh! The “day” when “Almighty” God will carry out judgment upon mankind. And each one noted that it is “near.” 
It is, to the non-believer, a “day” of dread . . . 

  • “Alas, you who are longing for the day of the LORD, for what purpose will the day of the LORD be to you? It will be darkness and not light” (Amos 5:18 – NASB)

The “day” will “be darkness and not light,” and for those who have rejected God’s message of reconciliation that is in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, there will be great distress as the just judgment of God is carried out.
For the believer? The apostle Peter wrote,

  • “But the day of the Lord will come like a thief . . . But according to His promise we are looking for a new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.” (II Peter 3:10, 13 – NASB)

We may tend to take it lightly, saying, “Oh the ‘day’ is far off,” . . . . . but we who belong to Christ must not deal with this matter flippantly . . . 

  • “For the day of the LORD is near . . .” (Joel 3:14 – NASB)

Have a good day brethren . . . and as you walk do so as one who is aware that time really is short, days as we are so familiar with are not guaranteed, but the day of the Lord is, and it is coming . . . . . . and it is near.

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