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The book of Romans . . . it starts with this,

  • “Paul, a bond-servant of Christ Jesus, called as an apostle, set apart for the gospel of God” (Romans 1:1 – NASB)

The epistle of Romans is a most wonderful work, given to us by “God” to explain to us great truths regarding the Christian faith. It is a book we should know much of, one most worthy of our every effort to know and understand. It is a book about the glorious “gospel of God.”
In my Bible I have written something regarding this “gospel,” a text that I read somewhere and that I pass on to you not knowing of whom I read it. But I thought it to be worth sharing with you this early morning,

  • “Man, by nature, is in a box, closed off to the supernatural world, to God. Man speculates on what is outside his box . . . thus he invents . . . based on his finite understanding. By definition, the natural cannot enter the supernatural, so his inventions, his speculations lead no where. The good news of Christianity, is that since man couldn’t get out of his box, God, in Christ, came into the box. The natural cannot ascend to the supernatural, but the Supernatural can condescend to the natural. God has invaded the box . . . Christ is the way out of the box to the true God.”

Again, this has been written in my Bible for some time. I don’t know whether I wrote it or whether I copied it from something I read. It is odd that I never wrote down a name if I did take it from some other source. One thing I believe, it is a great lead-in to the book of Romans. It describes “Paul’s” letter very effectively.
Wanted to share it with you this early morn. Pray, as I do always, that it will be a blessing to you. We who know Christ were boxed in . . . but God, He “invaded the box” and thank God He did!
Have a good day . . . and as you walk do so aware that once you were boxed in, but now you have been shown the way out of that box and into the loving saving arms of God through the gospel message of Jesus the Christ.

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