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The apostle Peter, in his second epistle, makes an interesting statement,

  • “And we have the prophetic word more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in you hearts.” (II Peter 1:19 – NASB)

Brethren, Peter says to those he writes to that “we have the prophetic word more sure.” What exactly does that mean to you and me? 
The Greek text reads: “And we have more firm the prophetic word” (lit. – we have more sure – the prophetic word – or – we have the more established prophetic word . . . ). It should be understood that the word “prophetic” here does not apply merely to the subject of things to come, but in this text, refers to that which is spoken out, all of it. Peter attests to his readers that God’s written Word is surer and more convincing confirmation of God’s truth than what he had personally seen and heard when he witnessed Christ’s transfiguration (note 1:16 -18). The Scriptures are “the prophetic word more sure.” Note,

  • The late Kenneth Wuest, once the head Greek instructor at Moody Bible Institute, expounded on this text in his Word Studies Of The New Testament (a set of four books that I recommend every believer have) writing, “We have the prophetic word as a surer  foundation.”
  • Vincent, in his Greek word studies wrote, “We have the word of prophecy as a surer confirmation of God’s truth than what we saw ourselves, i.e., Old Testament testimony is more convincing than even the voice heard at the transfiguration.”
  • MacArthur writes, “That original arrangement of the sentence supports the interpretation that Peter is ranking Scripture over experience. The prophetic word (Scripture) is more complete, more permanent, and more authoritative than the experience of anyone.”

Wow! What we have in the Scriptures is “more sure” than even experience! That is what this text is saying! It is attesting to the fact that the Bible is a more sure word of testimony of God’s truth than any experience we might seek or might have. In today’s church there are many seeking out some sort of experience in an effort to substantiate their faith, or validate their belief, or enhance their walk. Not necessary! You see, we have the Word of God! 
And “you do well to pay attention” to it, for it serves as “a lamp shining in a dark place.” The Word of God . . . “a surer foundation,” a “surer confirmation of God’s truth” that shines forth in a “dark” world, a “word more sure,” a powerful light that serves to expose the “dark place.”
Peter is about to tell his readers of the rise of false prophets (chapter 2). He prefaced this by making sure that believers know that they have the necessary tool to combat them . . . the “prophetic word more sure.”
Have a good day brethren . . . and as you walk may you be assured that you have for a foundation of your faith, a more sure word, God’s Word, and may you be paying attention to it.

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