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From the book of Hebrews we read,

“Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses . . .” (Hebrews 12:1 – NASB)

This morning, as I was turning in my Bible to a passage I had intended to write on, I found myself reading instead, some names, some very notable names from Hebrews, chapter eleven. I got to thinking about how we, in our culture today, pay so much attention to people we categorize as famous, as heroes, as celebrities. Our nation seems taken up with entertainment figures, sports figures, political figures, men and women that seem to constantly be at the forefront in our world. Our children are often asked, “Who is it that you look up too? Who is your hero?” And their answers tend to reflect who our society gives attention to.

In Cooperstown there is the Baseball Hall of Fame, in Canton there is the Football Hall of Fame, in Springfield there is the Basketball Hall of Fame. In these facilities are enshrined men and women who, by our society, have been determined to have a status that is above the normal citizen and are deserving of being recognized for such. In Hollywood there is the “Walk of Fame” where movie stars have their names engraved in the sidewalks. These people, or so we have been told, deserve special recognition. They are, as we say, famous!

This weekend the big sporting event of the year takes place, the Super Bowl. Within this game will be football players that the media will present to us as larger than life. Oh what a fuss they will make over the winners and the losers, lifting individuals to almost god-like status.

Did you know, have you taught your children, have you paid any attention at all to God’s Hall of Fame? Have you ever taken time to tell your children about “so great a cloud of witnesses” that God has listed in His great Book?

I’m thinking these are the real people of renown, the real heroes. Chapter eleven of Hebrews lists a great deal of them, and not only lists their names but why they are recognized by God. And here in lies the key . . . . they are recognized by God!

“Abel . . . Enoch . . . Noah . . . Abraham . . . Isaac . . . Jacob . . . Joseph . . . Moses . . . Rahab . . . Gideon . . . Barak . . . Samson . . . Jephthah . . . David . . . Samuel . . . (men (and women) of whom the world was not worthy . . . all these having gained approval through their faith . . .” (Hebrews 11:4-39 – NASB)

May I make a suggestion? This weekend, before you get all caught up in Super Bowl fever, take your family aside, or maybe your friends, and read Hebrews chapter eleven, finishing it off with Hebrews twelve, the first verse. Maybe take some time to point out who it is and why it is that these names listed in God’s Book are “not worthy” of this “world,” but very “worthy” of being noted in Holy Scripture.

Just a recommendation . . . and I think a good one!

Have a good day brethren . . . and may your attention to those who God lists in Hebrews prove to be examples to you as to who is worthy of God’s notice.

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