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Who Was the First Victim of 9/11?

There’s an interesting lesson in the story of the first victim of 9/11. Read about his heroic attempt to stop the terrorists and the evil born thousands of years ago.

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We must continue to seek God for His blessings on our nation. The Bible is our source of wisdom. May God’s Word be our guide in all things. PAUSE TO PRAY…

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No Room for Jesus

Terrorist attacks have removed more than just our sense of security. With Jesus being “moved out” or “merged” with other gods, what are Christians to do?

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Pause to Pray for Children

As children head back to school, take a minute and pray for them. They live in a dark and dangerous world. Be a light in the life of a child today.

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The “Why” of a Tragedy?

I’ve been guilty of jumping to conclusions as to the “why” of a tragedy, haven’t you? What facts should we consider about the tragedy in Orlando on 6/12/16?

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