Please help us share God's truths and hope in Christ.

Jesus is the Reason this Ministry Exists

We thank all who have supported this ministry, helping us to reach millions worldwide. Your generosity is both a blessing and an encouragement to us at Reasons for Hope* Jesus and all who benefit from our resources.

  • Reasons for Hope* Jesus reaches Christians worldwide, every day, 24 hours/day, with equipping, encouraging, and empowering information to grow them in their faith.
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Jesus is the reason this ministry exists, but YOU make it possible.

We depend on the goodwill and generosity of God’s people to fund the ministry and to keep the website ad-free.

Without you, we could not continue our global outreach of equipping, encouraging, and empowering Christians and reaching the lost with the gospel of saving grace.  

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Get equipped and be ready to give a reason for your hope (1 Peter 3:15),
knowing that the Hope we have is the anchor of our souls (Hebrews 6:19).
Jesus—our true reason for hope!


Please help us share God's truths and hope in Christ.


The goal of Reasons for Hope* Jesus is to help you establish your heart and anchor your soul in Jesus, and renew your mind in His Word.


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