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We are pleased to offer short video clip teaching on the Book of Job by Pastor Tullian Tchividjian from The Sanctuary, Jupiter, FL  

You can watch full sermons on The Sanctuary’s YouTube Channel.

Journey with us through the Book of Job.  Watch short video clips by Pastor Tullian Tchividjian from The Sanctuary, Jupiter, FL. Learn about pain and perseverance in suffering and how trials and tribulations can grow us into a deeper relationship with God.   Suffering is inevitable for all people. Before it comes to you, take a few minutes to strengthen your soul, prepare your heart, and instruct your mind on how to cope.

  1. What are the Deadly “Ds” of Suffering
  2. When Suffering, What Do You Really Need?
  3. What is Grief? The Best Definition
  4. Each New Morn, New Widows Howl, New Orphans Cry, New Sorrows Strike Heaven Upon the Face
  5. The Road from Knowing About God to Knowing God is Paved in Suffering
  6. Tears and Trust Can Exist Side by Side   
  7. What Was Job’s Greatest Loss? This Might Surprise You!
  8. What Good Comes from Suffering and Loss?
  9. What is Good Counseling to Those Who Weep?
  10. No Matter Who You Are or What You’ve Done, God Wants You
  11. How do we get ourselves clean? Job’s friends’ view or God’s answer?
  12. Where Did Job’s Friends Go Wrong?
  13. We All Know What it Feels Like to Lose
  14. How Do We Recover From Being Like Job’s Friends?
  15. Unconditional Love Given to an Undeserving Person by an Unobligated Giver
  16. How Can You Endure Rejection?
  17. Does Your Sin Block God?
  18. What Happens When You Come to the End of Yourself?
  19. God Magnified Himself When He Questioned Job (Job 38)
  20. Will Jesus say “I never knew you” to you?
  21. When It’s Difficult to Believe….There’s Hope
  22. What Good Can Come from Crashing and Burning?
  23. How to Prepare Yourself to Suffer Well?  
  24. The Good and Bad News of Suffering
  25. Jesus Has a Wide Open Heart Big Enough to Hold You 
  26. A Picture with a Promise: The Epilogue of Job


Please help us share God's truths and hope in Christ.


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