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Do You Have a Heart for God?

In Acts 13 we read about the apostle Paul standing up in the synagogue at Pisidian Antioch and delivering a message to the Jews regarding Jesus the Christ. In the context of his historical teaching regarding Israel, Paul made a most interesting statement about King David,

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Been There, Done That — A Lesson from the Groundhog

Groundhog Day comes every year (Feb 2) and every year the groundhog appears to look for his shadow.  Some years he sees his shadow and others he does not, which predicts if  winter days will repeat or spring is coming soon.  There’s a lesson to learn from Groundhog Day about our repeatable actions.

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Saved by the Bell

A popular Internet forward is a “bell” that “rings” the sounds of identity in Jesus Christ. What a melodious sound. This bell should be “rung” every day.

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Who are the Sheep and the Goats of Matthew 25?

The last 15 verses of Matthew 25 speak of a judgment of the nations. How should Christians read and understand these verses? Matthew 25 might not be about Christians, but we can certainly learn from Jesus’ teachings.

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Seven Benefits of Knowing God

Thanksgiving is a day set apart for remembering all the things for which we are thankful. Psalm 103 reminds us of the blessings from the Lord, calling them benefits. What are the seven benefits that we should be thankful every day?

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Remembering Billy Graham — A Life Well Lived

We all want to be remembered for having lived our lives well. Honoring God and sharing His truths are the best way to achieve that. On what would have been Billy Graham’s 100th birthday, we honor him for a life well lived.

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