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Jesus is the Reason this Ministry Exists

Reasons for Hope* Jesus exists to glorify God by equipping you to know Jesus better, love Him more, and share your faith.

Why support Reasons for Hope* Jesus?  The number one reason is that we are reaching people worldwide with the truths of the Bible and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.  All that we do is for the glory of God, so His name is lifted up and His light shines in an increasingly dark world.

100 REASONS to Support

When people subscribe to our emails, we ask, How did you find Reasons for Hope* Jesus?  And they answer! Here are 100 of those answers.

Be sure to read our TOP TEN at the bottom of the page.

  1. Was searching for the shepherd’s staff
  2. searching for witnessing tools 
  3. My husband and I were searching scriptures on angels escorting us to heaven and this came up and we are thrilled.
  4. God had me find this site when I googled what is the significance of the #20? 
  5. I Googled regeneration vs reformation
  6. search for sermon topics
  7. I was searching for the hidden message in the genealogy of Genesis 5 and came across your page
  8. By typing in the Search for The Roman Road to Salvation
  9. scrolling on the internet for bible interpretation for my sermon. I find this site very helpful. 
  10. Googled bride of Christ
  11. I was searching for scriptures about what happens if we harbor sin in our lives.
  12. Internet searching for answers to Sunday school lessons that I teach
  13. I was doing Bible research on the Internet about why the tribe of Dan was left out of Rev 7
  14. searching for names of GOD in 23rd Psalm
  15. Random search for quotes by Jesus when confronted by claims that OT is not relevant today.
  16. Searching online for a good timeline of 7000 years, from Adam to end of Tribulation. This Biblical Timeline is very helpful! Thank you
  17. I asked a question and you gave the I wills of Jesus, God, and Lucifer (satan)
  18. Googled a question. one answer resource I chose was this website
  19. Stumbled across online while inquiring about the 12 tribes
  20. Google search for Christian meanings of color
  21. google search on prayer wonderful material
  22. Member of my church recommended this site
  23. Meaning of Numbers in the Bible
  24. Ran across your site while researching Remez 🙂
  25. Google search for outline of Colossians
  26. Jehovahs witness visited us
  27. I am a Minister in training….
  28. I Googled the meaning of stones in the Bible
  29. A friend told me about this.
  30. web search about Abraham’s bosom
  31. Searched for 3 heavens.
  32. Just searching for names of True God
  33. I came to know you when I came across the topic titled: How Should We Understand the Mind of God? and it helped me by using Google
  34. Just occurred to me so it may have come from the Holy Spirit.
  35. My Pastor read to us on the Prayer Line 5/13/21
  36. Was searching the duration of Job’s suffering
  37. Someone mentioned you in a comment to a youtube video
  38. Google search on Shavuot and Jesus
  39. Asked google about biblical numbers and scrolled until Holy Spirit said this one
  40. Just found in a search for Jesus genealogy
  41. Holy Spirit lead me here!
  42. Out neighbor sent everyone here for the Easter Hallelujah
  43. Church member
  44. I’m like the Bereans: searching for the truth after being in cults for so long!
  45. I found you by searching for info on Satan. I enjoyed the Psalm 23 names of God. Please keep me posted on other info available.
  46. researching when Jesus was actually crucified
  47. your video was forwarded from a college classmate who was a fighter pilot in Vietnam
  48. Searching the internet about the Hebrew alphabet and the name Jesus in scripture
  49. searching for children’s church material
  50. Found site researching differences between sin, transgressions, and iniquity
  51. I asked Google what book of the Bible Jesus talked about most 
  52. I searched “Shepherd rod and staff”. I used duck duck go (not google) 
  53. Online search regarding boldness and gentleness in sharing Christ
  54. A friend and FB bible journaling group
  55. Our preacher recommended it
  56. God directed me to your website whilst searching for understanding and clarity regarding drugs and alcohol
  57. I have so many questions as I am for the first time exploring and reading the Bible
  58. I am a believer. We just had a death in the family which has brought up questions. I did a Google search and found your article that Angels bring us to Heaven. Very helpful comforting article.
  59. internet search for “abba is not daddy” 
  60. Searching resources for our Church
  61. Learned about this website from a good Christian friend and breast cancer survivor
  62. It is a privilege to be in a Bible Study with Shari and to be blessed by her wealth of knowledge!
  63. By looking up symbols of Anchor and cross, 
  64. Just scrolling around the net finding info for a Bible study I teach.
  65. It was by the Holy Spirit’s intervention for a divine connection to my 18 year old grandson who is an addict and homeless. I stumbled across your site when searching for information on “The Hound of Heaven” a poem written by Francis Thompson. 
  66. The Holy Spirit led me here today during my study time
  67. searching web for Jesus in every book of the Bible
  68. Internet Search for Apologetics
  69. I was searching for the twelve stones and found your website
  70. Google search for what happens to people who never heard of Jesus.
  71. Through a devotional in which the question of why Jesus wept for Lazarus is posed. 
  72. Found by accident. I’m sure God took care of that!!!!
  73. Googled “layout of Israel’s camp under Moses
  74. A friend shared the website at our home group
  75. from one of my favorite Bible teachers — Shari Abbott
  76. I did a search on Repentance
  77. My daughter forwarded the psalms to me.
  78. My Mentor and friend
  79. Found you online when doing a search for Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”
  80. searching for more information on apologetics 🙂
  81. I read your daily devotional on my cousin’s Facebook page
  82. I was looking for the meaning of the stone on the well in Genesis 29 is where I saw your link and I liked it because my mind is opened 
  83. Thru a church Bible study
  84. I just found your website on the internet when I typed in the word “apologetics”
  85. I was researching the saying that many ministers use, “If you were the only person on earth, Christ would have still suffered and died for you.” 
  86. Looked up Abraham & where he went after he died
  87. I Googled “Psalms 151-160”
  88. Did a word search and the Father led me to your site.
  89. I was reading the meanings of numbers in OT and NT
  90. Your Youtube music video
  91. I am reading the bible chronologically and I came across this article.  
  92. Google search about the crimson worm
  93. looking on duckduckgo search engine for the Balfour Declaration.
  94. Bible journaling Sisters
  95. Web search about Thursday crucifixion
  96. Searching the outline of the book of Deuteronomy.
  97. Through Facebook
  98. Web surf looking at hymns of Luther
  99. I was searching for who I am in Jesus information and came across your website.
  100. I came across your website when searching for materials on Nehemiah

NOW…read the top 10 reasons to support Reasons for Hope* Jesus

This Top Ten list is from those who emailed us and told us they prayed the prayer of salvation on our Salvation Page (

#10. I prayed the prayer. And my husband Walter too.  — Marjorie

#9. Yes, I prayed the prayer and would like information so I can keep this in my heart so I can be humble myself and take these prayers for me in my life. — Rick

#8. Thank you for the prayer video.  I prayed the prayer. Please can you send me the information to help strengthen my faith? Many thanks.  — Jemima 

#7. I am so grateful….I am getting all my questions answered!!! Am getting water to quench my thirst… May God the almighty bless you all  — Victor

#6. I saw your site and I want to be saved and live for Jesus. I have been in church all my life but I needed to be sure. I prayed the prayer.  Thanks. — Roger

#5. I prayed the prayer and I would like you to pray for me that God should forgive my sins and give the grace to a clean life.  — Dung

#4. I am already saved but I enjoyed the process of remembering it.  In Jesus’ Holy and Majestic Name Amen.  Thank you and God bless you. — Cristobal 

#3. I don’t know what else to say. Thank you for providing this.  — Katie

#2. I did pray and ask Jesus to forgive my sins despite certain doubts (I am a doubting Thomas) Perhaps you could help. I can almost even see how a perfect spirit being- Lucifer, could sin. (his version of the apple was to be removed from the glory of God at the creation, according to a website pastor) This way, doubt could creep into his mind as to God’s perfection. Granted that I just can’t see how he could have dragged down a third of the angels with him.  — Chris

#1. Hello, my name is Tyrekia, I prayed that prayer and I don’t know how it works but I am hoping that I am now again a saved child of God. I want to become closer to the Lord and I just want me and my family to be covered in his blood. I beg for forgiveness.  


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