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Have you ever been named a beneficiary in a Will? ​​When people die, they leave their most precious possessions to those whom they love.  And that’s exactly what Jesus did.  ​​On the night before His death, Jesus spoke His Last Will and Testament and bequeathed gifts to all who would come to Him in faith. The Will was sealed in His blood and became effective the moment He died.

A Room with a View of Eternity
The Last Will & Testament of the Lord Jesus Christ
by Shari S. Abbott & Alex McFarland

This book shares insights into Jesus’ upper room discourse and looks at John 17 as Jesus’ Last Will and Testament.

​The book reminds believers of the gifts they have already received and the fullness of those that are yet to come.  

​It reveals to non-believers the love and grace that Jesus offers them and the precious gifts that can be theirs.

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Please help us share God's truths and hope in Christ.


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