Who Am I? — Video

Watch a video of the song Who Am I? In Christ, you are loved and redeemed!!!

Fear is a Liar – Video

Fear is a liar and it can stop people from coming to Jesus.  Read our witnessing encounter that tells about how real fear gripped someone who was ready to trust in Jesus and how it continues to hold the person captive: Fear is a Liar -- Witnessing...

Thank You, God, for Freedom

On the Fourth of July, and every day of the year, give thanks to God for the freedom we enjoy and for the liberty we have in Christ.

Good Good Father

God is THE good, good Father.  Listen to the inspiring words of the song and watching the moving video. Be reminded of the goodness of your heavenly Father.

The Verse Every Father Must Know

What is the one verse that should be on every father’s mind?  This verse is key to being a good and godly father.

A Little Girl’s Prayer for Her Daddy

The precious words of a small child, in prayer to her heavenly Father, giving thanks for her earthly father. Watch this sweet child pray!