PAUSE TO PRAY…on Inauguration Day!

We must continue to seek God for His blessings on our nation. The Bible is our source of wisdom. May God’s Word be our guide in all things. PAUSE TO PRAY…

I Resolve To…

Watch the video and then read of three important resolutions . . . from the apostle Paul.

Pause to Receive God’s Promises

God’s promises are many and He is faithful to fulfill them. Pause in wonder and gratitude for all He has given us.

Pause to See Jesus

Will you pause to see the Baby in the manger during this hectic holiday season? Take a minute and watch this short video.

Pause to Hear God’s Plan

Pause to reflect on the magnitude of God’s sacrifice. It didn’t start at the cross. It was predestined from before the foundation of the world. Watch the short video.

Give Thanks to the Lord

Watch this short video and reflect upon your year. Things don’t always go as we hope, but we always know that our God is near and Jesus is our hope of the promise to come.

Pause to Pray for Children

As children head back to school, take a minute and pray for them. They live in a dark and dangerous world. Be a light in the life of a child today.