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Read the Tope Ten Got Questions of 2015!

Thank you to all the faithful readers of the weekly Got Questions? column.  We have posted and emailed this column every Tuesday for more than four years and it is our hope that, as you read and study the Bible, your knowledge of Jesus will increase and your love for Him will deepen.  The Bible really is our daily bread!

At Reasons for Hope* Jesus, we believe the Bible is inerrant and without any contradictions.  But we also know that it has many complexities and it presents many things to ponder.  We might not have conclusive answers for all questions, but when we search the Scriptures we will always find sufficient information to form our reasoning and to understand God and His Word.

There will always remain some mystery in what God has revealed in His Word…and that’s OK.  If we had all the answers, we would trust in the answers.  Instead, we trust in our God, who is faithful and true and has given us His Son, whose grace is sufficient.

In His Service,

Shari Abbott, executive director, Reasons for Hope* Jesus


The Top Ten Got Questions of 2015

  1. Is my TATTOO a sin?
  2. Is SUICIDE an Unforgivable Sin?
  3. Is It a Sin to Drink ALCOHOL?
  4. The Meaning of COLORS in the Bible? The Meaning of NUMBERS in the Bible?
  5. What is the UNPARDONABLE sin? What if I commit it?
  6. Is it a sin to be FAT?
  7. Can JEWS go to Heaven without knowing Jesus?
  8. Is there a HIDDEN MESSAGE in Rev 7? Why is Dan missing? 
  9. Did Jesus descend into HELL? 
  10. Where did OT saints go at death? What’s ABRAHAM’S BOSOM?

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We need your help. Please support the ministry work of Reasons for Hope*Jesus
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