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The Right Road + Jesus Loves You Tracts

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The Right Road tract asks the question, "Are You on the Right Road?" Map Apps can't locate this road. Find the Romans Road and follow the roadsigns along the way of Diagnosis, Desperations, Decision, Deliverance, Pray, and Read. When you come to the end of this road, you'll arrive at the ultimate destination -- salvation on earth and a promised home in Heaven.

The Jesus Loves You! tract tells of the love of Jesus and how we can know of His great love. These tracts offer Sonshine to anyone who finds them. The tract proclaims,“Yes, Jesus Loves You!” and then asks, “Do you love Jesus?

With a short gospel message and a prayer of faith, these tracts can share the love of Jesus when words cannot be spoken.

Business Card Size Tracts

They fit in your wallet.
They're easy to leave.
They're likely to be kept.
They're a great way to witness!

What do people do with a business card? They read it! Then put it in their wallet.

Not everyone is comfortable with witnessing, and sometimes there just isn't the opportunity, so these tracts are a great way to share the gospel.

Order now!

Challenge people with the question, "Who do you say Jesus is?" and "Are You On The Right Road?"

Quantity 100 (50 of each)

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Halloween Tracts also available. Contact hope@reasonsforhopeJesus.com

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