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Got Questions? Reasons Book 2

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Everyone has questions!

The world around us is growing more challenging and confusing with each passing day. We live in a time when knowledge is increasing greatly, so we must ask, is wisdom increasing also? Truth is being redefined and morals and ethics are becoming situational rather than absolute.

As Christians we have a Book that gives us the answersthe Holy Bible. In the words of the Bible we find true wisdom that comes from absolute truthfrom the only One who is Truth.

Come now, and let us reason together... (Isaiah 1:18)

At Reasons for Hope* Jesus we invite our community to ask questions. This book answers 30 of those questions with reasoning from God’s Word.

Christians need to challenge themselves with these questions:

Why do I believe what I believe? How can I defend what I believe?

How can I share what I believe?

This book answer questions.... with biblical reasoning.

Reasons Book 2 -- Questions include (page count: 224 pages)

What is Apologetics? Was Jesus born in September? How did Jesus become a man? Was Mary a Levite? Can I lose my salvation? What is election? What are the Five Solas of the Reformation? Why was Jesus tempted in the wilderness? Do babies go to Heaven? Do I need to be re-baptized? What does it mean to be created in God’s image? What would be the best Bible to read? What and when is the Rapture? Why a Pre-trib Rapture? What is my purpose in life? Are there only three main sins? Do we have guardian angels? How can we know what heaven is like? Romans 8:28—For my good? Really? Do the words offensive, scandalous and arrogant describe Jesus? Does God love the lost? Should I read the Bible as a love letter to me? Is church membership necessary? Are debates helpful for sharing God’s truth? Do I have to tithe? What does the Bible say about drugs? Why did God create man knowing he would sin? Where should I start reading the Bible? Was Jesus crucified on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday? Was Jesus forsaken by His Father? If God knows my needs and wants, why is prayer important?

We know you have questions, too. Submit your questions by emailing HOPE@reasonsforhopeJesus.com, and join our online community by subscribing to our emails. You just might have your question answered soon!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: SHARI ABBOTT, executive director of Reasons for Hope* Jesus, is an avid Bible reader and teacher. She is passionate about equipping and encouraging Christians to know Jesus better and to love Him more. Shari is the author of the books, Why the Butterfly? A Book About Rightly Remembering, Remember Me – A Course In Rightly Remembering, Who Said That? Common everyday sayings…where do they come from? Got Questions? We have Reasons for Hope (Reasons Books 1 & 2), Fun with Shuns (biblical words ending in -tion) and How to Witness to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Shari and her husband Steve have two daughters and live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Foreword by Karen Forgus, Sr. VP of Business Operations, Cincinnati Reds

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