Thank you to all the faithful readers of the weekly Power of Hope column.  We post and email this column on Fridays and it is our hope that it is an encouragement to you.  Below are the top ten articles from.  Enjoy!

In His Service and for His glory, Shari Abbott, executive director, Reasons for Hope* Jesus


The Top Ten Power of Hope small banner of 2017

  1. “The Five LOVE LANGUAGES” by God
  2. CANCER Hope: I Am Not Afraid
  3. Day by Day: Three Things to Pray (A Fun VISION TEST)
  4. HELLO DARKNESS, My Old Friend: The Sounds of Silence
  5. Are you GLAD to SEE Jesus?
  6. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NAME: Names and Titles of Jesus
  7. What Would BILLY GRAHAM Say on His 99th Birthday?
  8. 24 Reasons Why I LOVE AMERICA, by John Wayne
  9. REFORMATION QUIZ: Discerning Truth and Error
  10. President RONALD REAGAN Sharing A Soldier’s Pledge

The Top Ten Got Questions from 2017

  1. Is It a Sin to Drink ALCOHOL?
  2. Was Jesus CRUCIFIED on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday?
  3. Why Does the LGBT Use God’s Rainbow For Its Flag?
  4. What are the Colors of Sin, Sorry, and Saved? (TEACHING CHILDREN About Salvation)
  5. Which Old Testament Book Did JESUS QUOTE Most Often?
  6. Did We Exist as SPIRIT BEINGS PRIOR TO BIRTH? (Jer 1:5)
  7. Why Did SATAN REBEL Against God?
  8. How Does Satan Attack Christians? What are His Big THREE SCHEMES?
  9. The MOST POPULAR BOOK in the Bible? The Least Popular Book?
  10. WHERE DID JESUS GO When He Died?
  11. Does a WEDDING CEREMONY Have Prophetic Typology of the RAPTURE?

More Popular Questions Answered:

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