As summer draws to a close, we’re entering into the time when creation begins its cycle of rest.  The green trees and bushes  begin to change to an autumn palette of vibrant color.  Flowers bow their “heads” and grass slows its growth. The lazy, hazy, crazy, fun-filled days of summer are replaced with back-to-school routines and the daylight fades with each passing day.

Now is a great time to “catch-up” on that which was missed over the summer.


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Is Repentance a Work?  Some say that repentance is a work and can’t be part of salvation. Learn it’s scriptural meaning and application of repentance. read more

What Did Jesus Say About Heaven?  Jesus had a lot to say about both Heaven and Hell. Read about both places and then share about eternal life with those who don’t know Jesus. read more

What Did Jesus Say About Hell?  Jesus had a lot to say about Heaven and Hell. Read what He said about Hell.  read more

What are the Colors of Sin, Sorry, and Saved? (Teaching Children About Salvation)  SHARE THE COLORS OF SALVATION WITH A CHILD! Or, take a minute today and remember the simplicity of the message of saving grace by which God saved your soul.  read more

How Does Satan Attack Christians? What are His Big Three Schemes?  Satan’s schemes are always with the intent to cause Christians to sin. All of his schemes can be summed up in one word. Find out what it is and be watchful.  read more

Which Old Testament Book Did Jesus Quote Most Often?  Jesus quoted the Scriptures a lot. But which book did He quote the most? read more

Is America a Christian Nation?  “…we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation…” Pres. Obama, 2009 Is this true?  read more

The Most Popular Book in the Bible? The Least Popular Book?  We will measure popularity by determining which book is most read and which is least read.  Find out the first and the last!  read more

Does Jer 1:5 Suggest We Were Spirit Beings Prior to Birth?  Does Jeremiah 1:5 suggest a spiritual pre-existence of our souls? Were we spirit beings before birth? read more

Should We Only Pray to the Father as Jesus Taught? Or Is It Okay to Pray to Jesus and the Spirit?   Jesus said, “in this manner pray, our Father…” So, is it okay to pray to the Son and the Spirit? What does the Bible tell us?  read more

Does Abba Really Mean Daddy?   It’s often said that Abba means Daddy? But does it really? Should we call God, “Daddy? This might surprise you.  read more

Where Were the Disciples When the Holy Spirit Was Given?  On the Day of Pentecost, when God sent His Holy Spirit, the disciples were gathered together. But where were they? What does the Bible tell us?  read more

What is Shavuot? Is there a prophetic aspect to it?  May 30-June 1 is Shavuot! How should we understand the typology and symbolism?  read more

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Eudoxia and John Chrysostom — Hope Prevails Over Persecution  John Chrysostom faced persecution, but the Empress Eudoxia faced quite a dilemma. Find out what happened when faith triumphs over fear.  read more

Is the Monkey at Your Gate?  We have some very important gates that need to be guarded. Is there a monkey at each of your gates? Read about the three wise monkeys.  read more

Give Me a Hand  What about hands? Are yours like the hands of Jesus? Check out the list All About Jesus’ Hands.  read more

Where is Your Shelter in the Storm?  Take a minute to anchor your soul, heal your heart and find your rest. Read this short devotion and watch the video.  Be blessed in any storm!  read more

Will the Sun Come Out Tomorrow?  Tomorrow, he promised his conscience. Tomorrow I mean to believe. Tomorrow I’ll live as I ought to. Tomorrow …  read more

24 Reasons Why I Love America, by John Wayne  Watch as John Wayne takes you on a journey from coast-to-coast and shares 24 reasons to love America.  read more

Cancer Hope: I Am Not Afraid  A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer opened the doors for an amazing opportunity to share the gospel. Find hope in PC + PC = AG.  read more

Day by Day: Three Things to Pray (A Fun Vision Test)  Living a Christian life is a day by day commitment and exercise. And, it’s about vision — seeing and focusing the “eyes” of our understanding on Jesus.  read more

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We Lift Our Hands in the Sanctuary  Watch as these children praise the Lord.

“Out of sight, out of mind.” Who said that? From the book, Who Said That?  by Shari Abbott, Reasons for Hope* Jesus There are many pithy (concise and forcefully expressive) sayings that are used in everyday conversation.  Many people use them, but most people have no idea the source from where they…

Close Your Eyes and SEE Jesus!  Psa 123:1  Unto thee lift I up mine eyes, O thou that dwellest in the heavens. Psa 25:15 Mine eyes are ever toward the LORD… Psa 141:8 But mine eyes are unto thee, O GOD the Lord: in thee is my trust… 2 Chr 20:12 …our eyes are upon thee….

 daily bread

Daily devotions that will establish your heart, anchor your soul and renew your mind. read here

The Top Ten Power of Hope Articles from 2018

  1. JESUS WEPT. Why? And…it’s not the shortest verse in the Bible!
  2. The GATE OF THE YEAR: A Message to a Troubled Nation
  3. TWO WOMEN—Two Stories—Two Songs
  4. LAUGHTER is the Best Medicine” Who Said That?
  5. The WIZARD OF OZ and God
  6. Following the Good, Great, and Chief SHEPHERD
  7. The best EULOGY to remember a father!
  8. ISRAEL Celebrates 70 YEARS As A Nation & the Significance for Christians
  9. HELLO DARKNESS, My Old Friend: The Sounds of Silence

Our Ministry’s Two Favorite Articles from 2018:
Facing Terminal Cancer with Hope & Joy
When the Battle is Lost but the Victory is Won — Saying Goodbye to a Friend

The Top Ten Got Questions? Articles from 2018

  1. The Meaning of NUMBERS in the Bible?
  2. The Meaning of COLORS in the Bible?
  3. Is my TATTOO a sin?
  4. What do the 12 stones UNDER the JORDAN River mean? (Joshua 4)
  5. What Does It Mean to TASTE & SEE That God Is Good? (Psalm 34)
  6. Where did OT Saints go at death?ABRAHAM'S BOSOM? Where was that?
  7. Why Does the LGBT Use God’s Rainbow For Its Flag?
  8. Should we call HIS NAME Jesus? Or Yahweh?Or Yeshua?
  9. Jesus said, I NEVER KNEW YOU. Why?
  10. CanJEWS go to HEAVEN without knowing Jesus?

Other Popular Questions:

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