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Life sometimes seems like a puzzle.  And we must remind ourselves that God has a purpose and plan in each of our lives. When Jesus saved us it was not only into a relationship with Him, it was also into a service to Him and for others. While God does not need our good works our neighbor certainly does.

Jesus called us to serve Him by loving our neighbors.  Many Christians are called to minister God’s love in their own “backyard”— in their own city, state or even nation-wide.  But some Christians are called to really “go.”  They are called to go beyond their homeland, to enlarge the territory of their service, and to show God’s love to far-reaching “neighborhoods.”  Such is the case of a Minnesota couple who were called to show, share and multiply God’s love in a far-away country and in a most amazing way.

Deena and Mike Van’t Hul are that couple.  Their lives are a ministry of sharing God’s love and giving hope to some of the neediest of God’s children. Loaves and Fishes International is the ministry that God built out of the calling He placed on the hearts of Mike and Deena.  I’m going to share with you a short video about their incredible ministry work, but first a little background information.

Mike Van’t Hul attended High School and played sports with Reasons for Hope’s CEO, Wade Wacker.  Wade remembers Mike as a church-goer, but not necessarily an on-fire-for-Christ believer.  This short testimony tells of how God enlarged the hearts of both Mike and Deena.  But more than that, this video tells of the power of God’s love to change the lives of those in need.

Hope, Faith and Charity (LOVE)—and the greatest of these is love.

When the grace of God regenerates our souls, the love of God is “planted” deep within our souls. The Bible tells us that we are graced by God with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (Colossians 1:27), the third Person of the Trinity.  God is love.  Therefore the Holy Spirit is love.  And He is the love that dwells in us and unleashes and fuels the kind of love the Van’t Huls testify to in this video.

It is a well known saying that “God calls the unequipped, and then He always equips the called.”  Just as God called the Van’t Huls into ministry, so are all Christians called.  Not all Christians are called into vocational ministry, and not all Christians are called to “go” faraway from home, but all Christians are called into full-time ministry.  We are all called into service to the One who has saved us.  How we serve will vary greatly, but we can trust that God will open doors and put people in our paths who need His love.  We are called to willingly walk through those doors and to speak God’s truths, trusting always that it is the Holy Spirit who works in and through us.  His love, fueled by His power and our faith, enables us to be ministers of hope.   “Hope, faith and love…and the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13).  It all starts with love—God’s love given to us and our love for God which generates our love for others.

Called to Love

Take a minute and watch this video.  Learn of this beautiful testimony of God’s love being manifested and shared through the Van’t Huls and their ministry Loaves and Fishes International.

This video is powerful and moving.  There’s a lesson in it for all to hear.  It will inspire you to see how God works in the lives of those whom He calls when they listen and respond.  God is always calling His children to serve Him.

This video will comfort and encourage you in remembering that wherever you are, whatever you do, He calls you into His service ….and He promises to equip you.

Part of the Puzzle

Watch the video to the end and ponder your part in the puzzle.

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